19 Seasons since 2019 with no sign of slowing down

Ever since Apex Legends launched in 2019, there have been 5 maps, 24 Legends, and 18 seasons. Respawn Entertainment, the company behind Apex Legends, has kept up a steady stream of content to fuel the game ever since. Additionally, every season usually lasts about three months and introduces a new Legend, new weapon, or some sort of major change to the game.

Wattson and Caustic as of Season 3 of Apex Legends (via Apex Legends on YouTube)
Wattson and Caustic as of Season 3 of Apex Legends (via Apex Legends on YouTube)

The most recent season, Season 19, started on October 31, 2023 and brought new Legend Conduit as well as the Three Strikes game mode. Below is a full list of every season in Apex Legends, including start and end dates, events, and what new content released with it.

Every season in Apex Legends

Start Date
End Date
New Legend
New Content
PreseasonFebruary 4, 2019March 19, 2019(None)Havoc and Wraith's Heirloom
Wild Frontier - Season 1March 19, 2019June 18, 2019OctaneNone
Battle Charge - Season 2July 2, 2019October 1, 2019WattsonL-Star, Ranked Mode, Skydive Emotes, Bloodhound's Heirloom
Meltdown - Season 3October 1, 2019February 4, 2020CryptoWorld's Edge Map, Weapon Charms, Firing Range, Charge Rifle
Assimilation - Season 4February 4, 2020May 12, 2020RevenantSentinel, EVO Shields, Octane's Heirloom
Fortune's Favor - Season 5May 12, 2020August 18, 2020LobaQuests, Mirage's Heirloom
Boosted - Season 6August 18, 2020November 4, 2020RampartVolt, Crafting, Holosprays, Caustic's Heirloom
Ascension - Season 7November 4, 2020February 2, 2021HorizonOlympus Map, Tridents, Loot MRVNs, Steam launch, Gibraltar's Heirloom
Mayhem - Season 8February 2, 2021May 4, 2021Fuse30-30 Repeater, Switch launch, Bangalore's Heirloom
Legacy - Season 9May 4, 2021August 3, 2021ValkyrieBocek Bow, Arenas, Ground Emotes, Revenant's Heirloom
Emergence - Season 10August 3, 2021November 2, 2021SeerRampage, Ranked Arenas, Rampart's Heirloom
Escape - Season 11November 2, 2021February 8, 2022AshStorm Point Map, C.A.R. SMG, Wattson's Heirloom
Defiance - Season 12February 8, 2022May 10, 2022Mad MaggieControl mode, Prestige skins, Crypto's Heirloom
Saviors - Season 13May 10, 2022August 8, 2022NewcastleRanked Reloaded, Valkyrie's Heirloom
Hunted - Season 14August 9, 2022November 1, 2022VantageLaser Sights, Level Cap increase, Loba's Heirloom
Eclipse - Season 15November 1, 2022February 14, 2023CatalystBroken Moon Map, Gifting, Stickers, Seer's Heirloom
Revelry - Season 16February 12, 2023May 9, 2023NoneLegend Classes, Nemesis, Mixtape (Control, Gun Run, & TDM), Ash's Heirloom
Arsenal - Season 17May 9, 2023August 8, 2023BallisticRanked Overhaul, Updated Firing Range, Evac Tower, Horizon's Heirloom
Resurrection - Season 18August 8, 2023October 31, 2023Revenant RebornCharge Rifle Rework, Fuse's Heirloom
Ignite - Season 19October 31, 2023February 13, 2024ConduitWattson's Town Takeover, Storm Point Update, Post Malone Three Strikes LTM

Notable additions

Throughout the seasons, there have been a few notable changes and additions to Apex Legends.

Season 2
Ranked is added to the game.
Season 4
EVO Shields are added to the game.
Season 6
Crafting is added to the game.
Season 9
Arenas is added as a gamemode.
Season 13
Ranked is massively overhauled.
Season 16
Legend Classes are added to the game and Arenas is taken out of the game.

Respawn has consistently released new and refreshing content for Apex Legends since 2019. With each season arriving and ending in three month intervals, fans can expect something new and interesting on the regular.

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