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Apex Legends Season 13 patch notes breakdown

Season 13 of Apex Legends is around the corner. Join us as we go through the changes coming to the brand new season!

Apex's new season is almost upon us! And with Season 13 comes tons of new changes. Alongside the great new ranked and map changes, there's also a brand new legend to get your hands on. However, the biggest changes of the Season comes in the balance updates. So lets breakdown the Season 13 patch notes!

Weapon changes

Crafting rotation

One of the big changes that came to Season 12 was weapons in the crafter. Specifically, two fan favorite weapons: The Flatline and the Longbow. Season 13 is following the same mentality, with two other fan favorites going into the crafter. This season, the R-301 and Rampage are going into the crafter.

Kitted Weapons and the Care Package

Another classic season by season change are kitted or gold weapons that can be found. The Season 13 patch notes show that the EVA-8, Bocek, Flatline, P2020 and Spitfire with full gold attachments. This means that the previously kitted weapons (RE-45, Triple Take, Peacekeeper, Prowler, Havoc) will no longer be available.

On the other hand, the Spitfire makes it infamous return to ground loot while the mastiff takes its place in the Care Package. With the move, the Spitfire has received tons of nerfs while the Mastiff has been significantly buffed.

Specific Weapon adjustments

The Season 13 patch notes features quite a few weapon changes. From the first change to the Kraber in seemingly forever to the the return of the Spitfire. Here are the biggest changes to weapons in Season 13:

The Kraber

Apex's most infamous weapon known for one-shoting the unsuspecting has received a damage nerf. Now with 5 less damage (to 140) and a reduced headshot multiplier, one might be able to survive a headshot from the Kraber, If they are lucky...

Light Machine Guns

The light machine guns of Apex have gotten a slight nerf with the return of the Spitfire. In the new season, the LSTAR, Rampage, Devotion and Spitfire have a reduced headshot multiplier (to 1.5) and reduced headshot distance (to 57m).

The long awaited return of the Spitfire is here. Prior to its move to the care package it was already a phenomenal weapon that was terrorizing lobbies. With its return however, the developers have tried to balance it out. With reduced damage, ammo capacity, hip-fire spread and the loss of a barrel attachment, the Spitfire might be a balanced weapon in Season 13.


The peacekeeper, EVA-8 and Mozambique have had only a single change. With the EVA-8 going into the kitted weapon rotation and the Peacekeeper and Mozambique have got a simple buff. Both the Peacekeeper and Mozambique have received an increased limb damage to 1.0 rather than 0.8.

Other notable changes

Other than the tons of weapon changes in Season 13, there are also legend and "rule" changes. These changes might shift up the meta quite a bit, as the changes affect one of competitive Apex's best legends: Valkyrie.


Valkyrie is a insanely popular in competitive and casual Apex. With her ability to instantly rotate and reposition with her ultimate, she's considered a critical pick. The devs gave her a small but significant nerf that some will not even notice. In Season 13, Valkyrie can't spin during her ultimate, meaning that she can easily be shot down.


If you told any Titanfall 2 fan that the legend with the A-Wall would be one of the least picked legends they wouldn't believe you. Well this is the case for everyone's favorite weapon builder Rampart. In season 13 she's gotten some buffs to Sheila, her minigun as well as her amped cover. With a decreased spin up time and buffs to the amped cover, hopefully we see her rising in popularity.

Out of Bounds

The last notable upcoming change of Season 13 are the out of bounds rules. Now while out of bounds, abilities, weapons, survival items, healing items and all active passives will be disabled. This simply means staying and getting out of bounds is more of a challenge.

For the full list of patch notes, feel free to visit the EA website. There are some big changes coming to the outlands that will hopefully shift up the meta. Stay tuned to Esports.gg as we continue to cover the unveiling of Season 13.