Newcastle will be joining Apex Legends in Season 13. Here’s a glimpse at his abilities and how he might shake up the meta.

Season 13 of Apex Legends is almost upon us and it’ll be bringing a new legend that promises to shake up the meta. We’ve seen Newcastle’s lore trailer and a glimpse at his abilities in the Apex Legends gameplay trailer. He’s only the second support legend to join the Apex Games after Lifeline. It’s been a while coming and Apex Legends was in dire need of another support character.

The Apex Legends official YouTube channel showcased Newcastle’s abilities in detail in their “Meet Newcastle” legend showcase. He has a great mix of abilities that give him some good defensive characteristics and a strong revive.

Apex Newcastle’s Abilities

At first glance, it looks like Newcastle will have abilities that make him a hybrid of Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Rampart. A lot of his gameplay is based on creating and using cover wisely. He has a useful revive that makes him a prime candidate for the Gold Backpack. His tactical and ultimate allow him to create cover that can make it difficult for your opponents to land lasting hits on him and his team.

Passive Ability – Retrieve the Wounded

apex newcastle abilities - Retrieve the Wounded
Newcastle can use his knockdown shield while reviving a teammate on the move.

Newcastle’s passive is called Retrieve the Wounded and it allows him to prop up a shield and revive a teammate while on the move. The shield is limited in terms of how much damage it can block. Particularly, it’s based on the level of knockdown shield that Newcastle is currently holding.

There has been some amount of debate on whether knockdown shields are any good with thirsting becoming all the more common. But they’re certainly going to be useful for Newcastle players. His passive might make him annoying to deal with on a purple knockdown shield.

Tactical Ability – Mobile Shield

apex newcastle abilities - Mobile Shield
Newcastle’s tactical ability drops a large shield that can be moved around

Newcastle’s tactical is arguably the most interesting aspect of his kit. He drops a shield that can be manually moved around. It looks like it’s a great repositioning tool that can allow Newcastle to dictate the terms of a fight and force enemies to move around it. Maggie and to some extent, even Fuse will counter it. In any case, it will certainly force opponents to reposition but it also leaves Newcastle’s squad vulnerable to third parties from the rear.

Ultimate – Castle Wall

apex newcastle abilities - Castle Wall
Newcastle’s ultimate ability makes him leap to a target location and drop a large wall that acts as cover for his whole team

His ultimate is a pretty cool defensive ability that makes him leap forwards and deploy a large wall that his squadmates can use as cover. Think of this wall as a giant Rampart cover, except it doesn’t amplify bullets. It’s a great ability that makes Newcastle synergize with a number of different legends like Gibraltar, Rampart and Caustic.

Does Newcastle powercreep Lifeline?

Newcastle brings plenty of conversation around whether or not his presence will shaft Lifeline. The community has been debating that Lifeline is in dire need of a rework. So far, she has enjoyed the monopoly of being the only support legend in the game. Newcastle will challenge that monopoly.

However, while his revive does provide an alternative to Lifeline’s, it does have its drawbacks. He uses his knockdown shield to block incoming damage while reviving which absorbs damage in a pretty small radius.

Lifeline’s role as the go-to support should be safe as Newcastle’s revive has its drawbacks

Yes, he can move while reviving but he does slow down and it requires multitasking from the player. Finding cover to pull off the revive, pointing the shield in the direction of bullets and firing back can be pretty challenging.

Lifeline can also pull off a double revive, which Newcastle cannot. She can also actively remain in the fight and provide cover fire while her DOC does the reviving. Newcastle offers a great alternative to Lifeline’s revive, and that makes him a great addition to the game. Support players will be happy with the availability of multiple options to choose from.

You can read more about Season 13 content in our article covering the preview by Respawn Entertainment.

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