A Glimpse into Apex Legends Season13: Saviors cover image

A Glimpse into Apex Legends Season13: Saviors

Apex Legends’ season 13 launch trailer made huge waves and it wasn’t from the giant sea monster! Join us as we see what Season 13 brings.

Earlier today, the Apex community has received a glimpse into the new season of the game. And with the launch trailer for Apex Legends season 13: Saviors, the new season has a lot to bring. New features seem to be on the way to Stormpoint and the Apex community is thrilled.

Newcastle: The newest addition to the roster

The new Apex Legends season 13 titled "Saviors" seems to continue the story of Bangalore and her brother. As shown in the Stories from the Outlands, the Williams siblings are re-united. Although the big reveal that the Newcastle was Bangalore's brother isn't the biggest reveal. Due to the fact that the massive leak of future legends and the Bangalore-lore that's recently hinting to the fact. Regardless, Newcastle seems to be quite the fun and defensive legend that can give Gibraltar a run for his money.

A raid on Stormpoint?

As we see in the Launch trailer and on the EA website, some deadly sea monsters have come to Stormpoint and not for vacation. We see in the trailer multiple squads teaming up to take down the beast, meaning potentially the same can happen in season 13. With creatures to take down alongside other squads, it seems like Prowlers and Spiders aren't the only wildlife inhabiting Stormpoint.

Apex Legends Season13: Ranked revamped

Its no news that the Apex community dislikes the ranked system. It seems like the team at Respawn has heard the complaints and plans to rework the ranked system in the new season. Unfortunately, we don't know what exactly are the upcoming changes are, however the team at Respawn seem excited. Ideally, there should be some large changes, as the previous tweaks have not been sufficient enough to change the system.

Although this information is only from the launch trailer, it seems like Apex Legends Season 13 is going to bring tons of new changes. On top of the exciting ALGS coming to its finale, the Apex community has a lot to look forward to over the coming weeks. So, stick around on Esports.gg for more Apex content!

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