Dataminers just leaked the next 9 legends to come to the Apex games! Join us as we go through each one and explain their kits.

Earlier this week Dataminers managed to leak the next 9 Legends and upcoming event skins that are coming to the Apex games. The new leaked legends seem to match with other leaks that have been mentioned in the past, such as the "Hawk" leak. All 9 Legends are seemingly better than the last and it'll be great to see how the make a impact on the Apex games in the seasons to come.

The New Legends

Here are the new leaked upcoming legends. Take it with a grain of salt however, as they are still in development. So they are changing and being tweaked all the time prior to release.


According to the Apex Legends leaks, Newcastle seems to be the next legend coming to the Apex roster. This fortified, defensive legend seems to be draw inspiration from both Lifeline and Gibraltar. His kit includes a combination of Lifeline's old shielded revive as his passive, a moving shield as a tactical and creating a horizontal wall to provide cover.

With the popularity and sheer utility of Gibraltar and his bubble, it makes sense that Respawn would make a legend that expands on the abilities.

  • Passive: Revive shield while you res your allies
  • Tactical: Controllable shield in a circular area
  • Ultimate: Leap and set up horizontal cover


Although Uplink falls into the defensive category of legends, but he seems more on par with support legends like Lifeline. His tactical seems to be akin to Lifeline's drone, as it recharges shields and can revive a downed ally.

Additionally with his passive, while in signal range, Uplink has 25% of recovery effects used in signal range. So theoretically, if an ally uses a syringe while in range, you get 25% of that heal. The icing on the cake is his ultimate in which Uplink uses a satellite that prevents allies from being downed in an area.

Passive: Gain 25% of recovery items while in satellite range
Tactical: Deploy a satellite that recharges shields
Ultimate: An area that prevents allies from being downed


Back a couple seasons ago, there was a legend leak of a sniper legend named Hawk. It seems like Vantage has taken over the Hawk mantle as they share the tons of similarities. Vantage excels at both long range and short range combat, like the hunter she is.

With a passive that gives "tactical" information while aiming down sights and a tactical winged companion who can launch itself. We don't know if the winged companion is for recon purposes (like crypto or bloodhound) or a damaging ability like Fuse's Cluster.

Lastly, Vantage's ultimate utilizes a "custom rifle" that can marks enemies and boost the damage of her squad.

Passive: Gain additional information while aiming down sights
Tactical: Launch your flying companion and give orders to them
Ultimate: Equip a custom rifle that marks targets and allows increased damage to be done to them


Catalyst has one of the most unique kits of the new, leaked legends. Her kit is build around "Ferrofluid" which can allow her to create platforms, ramps or other structures for players to move on.

Catalyst's ultimate is similar to Horizon's tactical in which you move vertically. But in this case, Catalyst creates a large column of the Ferrofluid, which can give you a distinct advantage in a fight.

Passive: Strengthens FerroFluid structures
Tactical: Projectile that creates a ramp of FerroFluid that creates terrain
Ultimate: Create a tall vertical tower from your location


Titanfall 2 fans rejoice, as it seems like Phatom is going to play like a titan pilot. A seemingly simple and mobility focused kit that allows Phantom to double jump and hook onto walls (but not grapple off it like pathfinder).

Then with a Void Grenade ultimate, which can send hit players to the void for a short period of time. The offensive and defensive capabilities of the void grenade are going to make team fights a lot more interesting. It'll be fun to see his interactions with Octane's jump pad, as you'll cover quite the distance with the combination of the skills.

Passive: Double Jump
Tactical: Hook onto a wall
Ultimate: Throw a void grenade that sends allies or enemies into the void


Jester is going to cause havoc in lobbies. His kit is meant to cause chaos and trap unsuspecting foes. With a passive ability to change any ordinance to a proximity mine, he will climb the ranks of defensive legends. Then, his tactical allows him to bring in 3 specters to guard an area. Then lastly, as his first 2 abilities aren't good enough, he alongside his team get a 6 second invisibility cloak.

Passive: Modify any ordinance to a proximity mine
Tactical: Deploy 3 Specters to guard an area
Ultimate: Become cloaked with your team for 6 seconds


Fitting his description as an Arms Dealer, Caliber is all about weapons and keeping them in check. His kit includes a slot for a third weapon, a turret with a copy of your active weapon and an ultimate auto loader for your weapons.

Although Caliber has a relatively simple kit, he is going to be quite effective at supporting his allies. Caliber seems like a go to choice for Rampart team compositions everywhere.

Passive: Carry a third weapon
Tactical: Create a turret using your active weapon
Ultimate: Deploy a box that feeds ammo into your weapon


Scryer's game is simply vision, and as a recon legend it fits him quite well. His tactical ability is called Optic-Haunt, in which he sets up a trap that reveals the target's vision. Then, his passive allows you to see your killers vision.

Scryper's ultimate is where he really shines, as Scryer creates a wall of darkness that blocks sight and blinds enemies. Playing with your opponent's vision is going to be a fun mechanic to learn, and it will be very interesting to see how respawn tweak his skillset.

Passive: Optic-Haunt (your tactical ability) and spectate your killer
Tactical: Trap that reveals an enemies' vision
Ultimate: Create a large wall of darkness to block sight


The last of the leaked upcoming legends, Conduit is another support legend for the roster. Like the name implies, Conduit is all about electricity and shields. As his passive, Conduit regenerates shields over time. Then, his tactical Arc Flash allows him to heal an allies' shield at the cost of his own.

Lastly, Conduit can throw a arc cluster bomb which damages shields and heals his own shields. Although his first 2 skills are support based, it won't be a surprise to see hyper aggressive Conduits. As being able to regenerate your shields mid fight while also doing damage is a incredibly valuable skill.

Passive: Passively recharge shields. The bonus increases while close to allies or carrying their banners
Tactical: Recharge an allies' shields at the cost of your own
Ultimate: Throw an arc cluster that damages enemies and recharges your own shields

And that's it! These are the 9 leaked upcoming legends that are coming to the Apex games over the next couple seasons. However, the Apex Legends leaks are all subject to change, as they are still in development. So, they are still heavily subject to change.

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