Apex Legends announced a new update, bringing in the Warriors collection event, an heirloom item for Crypto, and some balance changes!

Apex Legends players rejoice! Respawn Entertainment is bringing Control Mode back to the game soon as part of the Warriors collection event! Back when Season 12 was launched, Control was introduced to the game as an LTM and a lot of players enjoyed the pure carnage that the 9v9 area control game mode. So much so that they wanted it to be made permanent.

Here's everything you can expect in the upcoming Apex Legends update!

  • Crypto Heirloom
  • Warriors Collection Event
  • New Legend & Weapon Skins
  • Control Mode (With a new map)
  • New Arenas Map
  • Minor Balance Changes

Let's go over everything one by one now, shall we?

Control is back!

Nobody expected Respawn Entertainment to bring Control back so soon, but it looks like they are. Players can enjoy the fast-paced game mode for two weeks when the update goes live. The game mode is getting a new map. Caustic Treatment on King's Canyon will serve as a battleground for some excellent 9v9 area-capture carnage!

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Crypto's Biwon Blade

The update also brings a new heirloom item to the game. Crypto's getting his Biwon Blade, which looks like a fancy sword with some interesting animations. The heirloom also features an animation where Crypto looks at a picture of his family. Here's hoping it improves his pick rate, at least among the players that can afford to buy the heirloom outright.

Source: Respawn Entertainment

The Warriors Collection Event

The update will also bring a new collection event, allowing players to grind and earn some event-themed legend and weapon skins, stat trackers, and a few other rewards.

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

New Skins & Customization

The Warriors collection event is going to feature some fantastic new skins, at least based on what we can make out of the preview. The Revenant skin especially looks menacing and will definitely attract a purchase from the murder-bot mains.

New Arenas Map

The Apex Arenas are getting a new map for some exciting 3v3 action. The map is called "Drop-Off" and it looks like a large area at the top of the Hammond Robotics Manufacturing Tower overlooking a gorgeous city of Malta at night. Quite an interesting-looking map, by the looks of it.

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Balance & Quality of Life Changes

The best news to come out of this update is that the now notorious "Dual-Wielding" hack has been fixed. Players can enjoy the game without the fear of running into party-poopers running a dual Wingman setup and ruining everyone's game.

Some of the balance changes include

G7 Scout Buffed

The G7 scout has received some minor buffs to bring it in-line with the performance of other care package weapons.

  • Double Tap burst fire delay reduced from 0.475 to 0.375.
  • Double Tap recoil improvements.
  • Ammo reserves increased from 120 to 140.

Hop Up spawn rates changed

Spawn rates for a few weapon hop-ups have been rebalanced.

  • Increased spawn rate for Hammerpoint Rounds and Kinetic Feeder
  • Decreased spawn rate for Deadeye's Tempo, Shatter Caps, and Boosted Loader

Turbochargers have been removed from Purple tier weapons in Control

Weapons with Turbochargers were especially nasty to deal with in Control the first time it was introduced. To address this, Respawn has removed the Turbocharger from the purple Havoc and Devotion in the game mode. Players will now have to level up to gold tier to gain access to turbocharger benefits.

All details on the update are available on the Apex Legends website. Check out some of our other Apex Legends articles!