Apex Care Package Weapons: Season 19 rotation cover image

Apex Care Package Weapons: Season 19 rotation

What is in the Care Package in Apex Legends?

Every season a range of Apex Care Package Weapons provide exciting opportunities in your games. Care Package weapons are amped up, powerful and can turn your next game around.

Every season Apex changes up the list of Care Package Weapons.

What are the current Apex Care Package weapons in Season 19?

What are the Apex care package weapons?

New to Season 19, Care Packages will spawn a weapon every single time. Previously, it was more likely that you would find a weapon inside the later into the game it was. However, now whenever you open the pack you will see one of the following four weapons.


The Wingman is the latest addition to the array of Apex care package weapons. The iconic pistol received a big buff as it entered the care package. Dealing 50 damage to the body, 45 to legs and 95 to heads.

The Wingman's headshot damage is boosted by the Skullpiercer Elite. This ignores the damage reduction Helmets give, meaning the Wingman deals that 95 damage every time.


The Kraber has been a staple of the Apex Care package weapons lineup. The sniper isn't quite the same one shot guaranteed kill as it was in the past, but it is still devastating. It has both the ability to turn a game around for you, or tilt someone off the face of the planet.

The most challenging thing about the Kraber is undoubtedly getting your hands on it. Everyone wants to pick up the games strongest weapon.


The Bocek gets a big buff in Season 19. It has faster draw speed, and improvements to Shattercaps. Let's be honest, the Bocek just wasn't as exciting as the other weapons that can spawn. Developers hope that this change will help make more players pick it up and try it out.

The Bocek can deal serious damage at long range. Plus, with the improvement to Shattercaps it can be pretty powerful when you are up close and personal.

Prowler SMG

The Prowler SMG was so busted that it didn't get any damage buffs when it went into the Apex Care package rotation. The only change was the addition of the Select Fire hopup.

The close quarters SMG is a favourite of controller and mouse and key players alike. It can do devastating damage in the right hands when up close. Equipped with the Digital Threat, it stands up especially well with the popularity of Bangalore.

Photo EA/Respawn
Photo EA/Respawn

How can I see which of the Apex Care Package weapons is inside?

Skirmisher legends in Apex can scan the contents of Care Package weapons from afar. That lets you get a read on if your favourite weapon is in there, and you can make a dash to pick it up. If the package is empty, you can still see what used to be in there. So if a nearby enemy has a Kraber you can get out of range fast.

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