Bangalore’s lost brother, Jackson Williams has been found. He’s entering the Apex Games as Newcastle, the latest legend. His origin story has been revealed in the latest “Stories from the Outlands” trailer.

Lore enthusiasts among the Apex Legends player base are in for a treat as Newcastle joins the roster. This new legend brings a whole new chapter of lore to the Apex Legends – Titanfall universe. He’s the first legend to be added to the game who shares a blood relation with one of the existing legends. Indeed, Newcastle is Jackson Williams, Bangalore’s brother. His origin story has finally been revealed in the form of a Stories from the Outlands trailer.

Bangalore and Jackson got separated during a battle and Jackson went MIA. Bangalore was convinced he was alive

Bangalore’s origin story, explained through in-game content like loading screens and comics heavily implied her ties to Newcastle. A lot of Bangalore’s plot around seasons 11 and 12 indicates her search for Jackson. She’s been looking for her brother with the help of Wraith. To the point where she made the decision to leave the Apex Games after Wraith found out he “died” and rejoin her family. She planned on journeying with Revenant and helping him find his source code and reuniting with her family right after.

How did Newcastle become an Apex Legend?

It’s quite an interesting backstory. Turns out, Jackson Williams survived the battle in which he went MIA. He built his life and is raising his own family, living peacefully in a place called Harris Valley. This is exactly what Bangalore describes she wanted for him.

According to her, “he was always great with kids”. Newcastle was supposedly the “hero” of this valley, fighting crime and keeping it safe. Newcastle got in bed with some bad guys and owed them control over the valley. He promised them he’d repay them by getting into the Apex Games and earning the money he owes them there.

It wasn’t quite as easy as he thought it was, and he failed to make it into the game. After his fourth failed attempt at getting into the games, his loan sharks attacked him and planned on taking over by force. Jackson eavesdrops on them and sees them shoot Newcastle.

He fights them off and tells them he’ll take Newcastle’s place in the Apex Games instead. However, once they leave him alone with Newcastle, he realizes Newcastle is dead. He proceeds to take on the mantle.

Jackson Williams takes on the mantle of Newcastle to protect Harris Valley

The original Newcastle’s death in the trailer also explains how Wraith came across a dead body that resembled Jackson Bridge and ended up reporting to Bangalore that he was dead. Unbeknownst to Bangalore and Wraith, however, was the fact that it wasn’t Jackson’s body but the original Newcastle’s.

What does this mean for Apex Legends lore?

We have always known that Bangalore has had siblings. In past lore, she’s been pretty vocal about being the only sister to four brothers. She was evidently closest to Jackson, now known as Newcastle in the Apex Games. Newcastle is also the first legend in the roster to share a blood relationship with another legend.

There are going to be plenty of intricate developments in Bangalore as a character after this. Newcastle’s arrival also paves the way for stronger relationships between the existing legends. Bangalore is a legend that’s been around since the beginning and everyone else kind of looks up to, or at least acknowledges in some way.

Based on what we’ve seen in the trailers, Newcastle is a much softer character than Bangalore and he was seen partying with the other Legends in his launch trailer. This could also mean we could see upcoming legends share strong bonds with existing legends in the roster. For instance, Horizon’s lost son, Newt could make an appearance, or Crypto’s foster sister, Mila Alexander.

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