OpTic Gaming enter Apex Legends signing Pro League Champs DNO cover image

OpTic Gaming enter Apex Legends signing Pro League Champs DNO

OpTic Gaming have signed Knoqd, Dooplex and Skittlecsakes ahead of the ALGS Playoffs this weekend.

OpTic Gaming have entered Apex Legends on the eve of the first LAN for over 2 years. The legendary esports brand, primarily known for their Call of Duty team will be hoping that Skittlecakes, Knoqd and Dooplex can make a strong start.

The arrival of a team like OpTic Gaming shows the strong impact that holding LAN events has on an esports scene, ALGS organisers will hope that more big names enter the scene over the coming months.

OpTic Gaming favourites for debut LAN title

The new OpTic Gaming roster will be instant favourites to claim a major title on their debut. Under the name Esports Arena, they absolutely dominated the ALGS Pro League. They even broke the record points total for a single gameweek.

They also showed consistency, and were crowned the Split 2 Pro League champions.

Can they deliver on the big stage?

As Esports Arena, the trio dominated. Even when key player Verhulst left to join TSM, Knoqd slotted right in and the success continued. Knoqd never formally signed with Esports Arena, and has officially now left Cloud9 to join OpTic Gaming.

However, unlike teams such as TSM - the new OpTic Gaming roster does not have a track record on LAN. All signs point towards the potential for a really strong showing, but can they handle the pressure. They've been in fantastic form.

  • ALGS Pro League Split 1 - 3rd
  • ALGS Pro League Split 2 - 1st
  • Super League - 1st
  • Knights Carnage Cup 3 - 2nd
  • UMG Champions Invitational 4 - 1st
  • UMG Champions Invitational 3 - 1st

Expectations will be sky high for Knoqd, Dooplex and Skittlecakes, this announcement will draw a lot of eyes their way. With bookmakers already listing them as favorites, can they ignore the attention and deliver their best Apex this weekend?

Who are the new OpTic Gaming Apex Legends roster?


  • 20 Years old from the USA.
  • Controller player, mostly playing Valkyrie
  • $93,654 total career earnings to date
  • Biggest achievement 2nd in the ALGS NA Champs in 2021 with Cloud9


  • 25 Years old from the USA
  • Mouse and Keyboard player, mostly playing Gibraltar
  • $46,837 total career earnings to date
  • Worked his way up through the Series E Circuit, playing for Apple Jacks and Intel before joining Esports Arena


  • 22 Years old from the USA
  • Mouse and Keyboard player, playing Caustic and Horizon
  • $52,510 total career earnings to date
  • Paired up with Dooplex at Team Intel

With the ALGS Playoffs beginning tomorrow, the OpTic Gaming roster will be hoping to get off to a strong start. Can they take home the title? Stay tuned to esports.gg to find out.