Verhulst of ESA is set to join TSM once Snip3down departs for FaZe’s Halo team. The 18 year old American has come under fire from his current teammate, claiming he is leaving for “clout and money”.

Following speculation that Snip3down was set to depart TSM; speculation was also growing that he would be replaced on TSM by ESA player Verhulst. This has now been confirmed by his current teammate, Skittlecakes.

Details and frustrations leaked on stream

A frustrated Skittlecakes vented to his viewers on twitch on Saturday night, revealing that Verhulst was indeed set to join TSM.

Firstly, we get formal confirmation that Verhulst is joining TSM. first speculated that he was the most likely replacement on Friday, revealing that he had been spotted in a discord call with Hal and Reps. He has also been playing ranked consistently with the two TSM players all week.

Verhulst leaving for “clout and money”

However, the revelation’s went on further. Skittlecakes expressed his bitterness at the roster swap. He claims that Verhulst is leaving them for “clout and money”. TSM is certainly a much larger team than ESA, and a huge opportunity for Verhulst both reputationally and financially. However, ESA are currently set to qualify for Apex LAN and above TSM in the pro league standings, so his teammates frustration is understandable.

The choice of language here shows just how frustrating this move is for ESA. ESA have been in great form, and are considered by many to be the best team in North America right now. While they are in prime position for LAN qualification, it is not yet secure. If Verhulst leaving disrupts their momentum, it could deny them a LAN place.

Esports Arena receiving “a lot of money” for Verhulst

Skittlecakes also seemed to confirm that TSM are paying a high price for Verhulst’s services. This would make sense, considering they are likely receiving compensation from FaZe for Snip3down’s services.

The result of this compensation, is that ESA have a potential budget to bring in a replacement. However, it will be hard to replicate the fantastic form that ESA have shown since pro league started.

It appears that Verhulst will still be playing with ESA this weekend; will it business as usual? Or will the drama affect the team negatively?

Who is Verhulst?

Most Apex fans probably do not know a great deal about Verhulst. He has only recently broken into the top level of Apex Legends. Under the name DudesNightOut, Verhulst, Skittlecakes and Dooplex came through Pre Season qualifiers to make pro league. This led to Esports Arena signing them as their first ever signed team.


  • Main Legend: Valkyrie
  • Career Apex Earnings: $5,790
  • Input: Controller
  • Age: 18 years old
  • From: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Who will replace Verhulst?

The favourite to replace Verhulst on ESA appears to be Rogue. Rogue recently indicated his desire to return to competitive, having formerly competed on Team Liquid, including at LAN. He said on stream that “I feel my brand is secure enough that I can now commit to a team again”.

Rogue this week has been playing ranked with Verhulst’s teammates, and yesterday tweeted this.

Notably, Verhulst has been playing Valkyrie for team ESA. While this tweet was clearly designed to be cryptic and only drop a subtle hint, the game was given away in the replies. Dropped, who is a close friend of Rogue, replied in a less than subtle way.

If Dropped knows something, or he is going off speculation, all indication is that Rogue will be joining ESA. This is a great opportunity for the 25 year old to be in a prime position to qualify for LAN and make an immediate return to the top level of Apex.

The pressure will be on Rogue from the get go however. He will be expected to hit the ground running, and critics will no doubt look towards the canadian if results do not continue in their current form. However, as an experienced player, he has all the tools he needs to help ESA maintain their top 10 ranking in the Pro League.

All eyes on Pro League

All eyes are now on both TSM and ESA in tonight’s Pro League. The teams are set to go head to head, and there will be enormous pressure on both teams to put up a good showing despite all the distractions and attention that they have received over the last 48hrs.

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