Esports Arena break record by securing 123 points in a single gameday (NA ALGS Recap) cover image

Esports Arena break record by securing 123 points in a single gameday (NA ALGS Recap)

Esports Arena smashed records, dropping 123 points on the way to a week 1 victory in the ALGS Pro League. Elsewhere, G2, CLG and 100T all made strong starts.

Team Esports Arena started the 2nd split of the ALGS Pro League with a bang, smashing records on their way to an unbelievable victory.

With a jam packed schedule for the rest of March after the suspension of ALGS due to the Ukraine crisis, Pro League match days are coming thick and fast. All 40 teams competed this weekend in two lobbies.

This was also the first ALGS weekend to contain Stormpoint in the rotation.

Incredible Esports Arena

The star team of the weekend was easily team Esports Arena. The team, who took 3rd place in the Playoffs, smashed all records. Their total of 123 points in a single gameday is the highest ever.

They won 4 games back to back, 2 on Stormpoint and 2 on Worlds Edge - they truly dominated the whole day. Amazingly, their 65 kills would've put them in 1st place without any placement points. The gap of 59 points between themselves and 100T in 2nd is unheard of at this level.

This is also the clearest sign yet that Esports Arena are settling in with Knoqd, and have not suffered since losing Verhulst.

Esports Arena IGL Dooplex: "It was just a normal day for us"

Speaking to Onset after their victory, Dooplex explained how they approach both Stormpoint and Worlds Edge with very different gameplans. This is aided by the use of different legends on each map. "Stormpoint is still new, and a lot of spots that people don't take full advantage of".

Dooplex went on to say, "We made the right calls today, that's for sure". While Dooplex was very humble in victory, he did concede that winning 4 games in a row was his most satisfying performance ever. Is this Esports Arena performance the greatest team performance in Apex history? Does Dooplex now get considered alongside ImperialHal, Sweet and other top level IGLs?

G2 on Esports Arena's heels with victory on Sunday

Meanwhile it was G2 who took the victory in Sunday's lobby. The all controller team put in a vintage performance, recreating the aggressive style that was them win the JBL Quantum Cup.

This really was G2 at their absolute best, dropping an average of over 6 kills per game. Consistency has been a problem for G2 in the past, and in order to keep up with teams like Esports Arena they will need to recreate this level over the next few weeks.

In particular, Gentrifying was on top form, dropping a double digit kill total in Game 4. His 13 kills in a single game is one of the highest totals for any player and he was easily the MVP for Sunday.

This means that despite having around half the points in their gameday, G2 are tied with Esports Arena for 1st place in the overall standings. New for Split 2 is a different points system that awards 0-25 points, instead of 0 to 12. This means G2 and Esports Arena's victory is worth a lot more than last split.

The Top 5 (overall)

  • ESA - 25
  • G2 - 25
  • 100T - 21
  • TSM - 21
  • CLG - 18

CLG + 100T continue comeback story

Both CLG and 100 Thieves put in very impressive performances, as they put together a strong comeback story.

CLG, who were relegated and had to fight for their place in the Pro League qualifier have been performing very strongly in recent weeks. A strong top 10 in the Knights Carnage Cup showcased their ability to compete with the very best following the addition of Mamba.

In particular, CLG are very strong on the new map Stormpoint, finishing 2nd and 3rd in the opening two games. They seem to be benefitting significantly from the shift away from Worlds Edge.

Vaxlon helps 100T brush off Playoff disappointment

The addition of Vaxlon has helped refresh the 100T roster as they look to overcome their poor performance in the playoffs. They achieved just 11 points and finished in 20th place. This led to Vein departing the org, and Vaxlon was brought in from Renegades.

He appears to have made an instant impact, 100T secured 2nd place finishing behind the dominant Esports Arena. They will be hoping to rediscover the form that saw his teammates, Scurwy and Onmuu win the Apex Legends Championship last summer.

Both CLG and 100T will be hoping to maintain their strong start.

Does the jam packed schedule benefit G2 and Esports Arena?

The ALGS Pro League is operating a very tight schedule after the suspension due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. While EMEA is still suspended, the North American region is facing a jam packed March. ALGS returns on Thursday/Friday for gameweek 2, with gameweek 3 following immediately on Saturday and Sunday.

Does this mean that dominant teams such as Esports Arena will benefit? Momentum will be easily maintained. Plus, other teams will not have anywhere near as much time to practice, study and turn their season around.

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