Yatoro shows apartment in Bucha after Russian invasion: His room damaged, furniture shattered cover image

Yatoro shows apartment in Bucha after Russian invasion: His room damaged, furniture shattered

Yatoro’s home in Bucha suffered from Russian marauders. They destroyed his room, robbed kitchen and gutted his PC.

Team Spirit's player Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk showed his apartment in Bucha after the Russian invasion of the city. A series of stories on Instagram demonstrated a devastating picture of the destruction left by Russian soldiers.

Yatoro showed his destroyed apartment in Bucha. And a bit of light at the end of a tunnel

Yatoro and his family own an apartment in Bucha, the city near Kyiv. On 14th April 2022, he came back home and showed the extent of the damage to his property. The player demonstrated the rooms one by one, focusing on specific damage.

Marauders opened cabinets and a refrigerator in the kitchen, and scattered things on the floor in the corridor and rooms. Unidentified people cut out a woman's face from a painting depicting a married couple.

Yatoro's aparment in Bucha
Yatoro's aparment in Bucha

The player's room suffered the most. All things are dug up, the bed is in a terrible state, and on the TV on the wall one can see cracks from blows with a knife or other sharp object. The player's PC was left lying on the floor - probably all the valuable components were gutted from it.

However, the video of the destruction ends with a bright detail. Yatoro showed kittens that stayed ai home in Bucha and survived the Russian invasion.

Yatoro expressed his position before the tragedy in Bucha

Team Spirit's carry has repeatedly expressed his position against the war in his home country, Ukraine. He reposts information about permits left by the Russian army, charitable foundations, and collections. The player himself donated several thousand dollars to the needs of the Ukrainian army.

Yatoro cleaned his Instagram page and left only one picture - the flag of Ukraine. In addition, Yatoro changed the avatar on Steam. Instead of anime characters, he chose a red and black flag belonging to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). The flag continues to be a symbol of the Ukrainian nationalist movement.

After outbreak in media Yatoro changed his avatar back
After outbreak in media Yatoro changed his avatar back

This is not the first evidence of the tragedy in Bucha

Bucha, Yatoro's hometown, has become a symbol of the horrors of the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine. After the Russian soldiers left, dozens of civilians were found dead in Bucha. Many call what happened in Bucha a war crime, demonstrating a lot of evidence of the horrific actions of the Russian army.

Yatoro is not the first person from the esports world to show his fans the horrors of Bucha. Earlier DKPhobos, ex-VP player and now talent, posted photos from his friend's house. They also showed a TV cracked by a knife. On the wall - the inscription "we will come back".

At the end of March, Team Spirit announced that the organization had relocated to Serbia. In Belgrade Team Spirit's management organized Bootcamp and an office for players. However, no one knows when the team will be able to take part in tournaments again. If rumors are true, soon Valve will announce a small tournament that will replace the DPC for Eastern Europe. But for now, players have time to take care of their families.

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