Apex Legends has finally thrown the players a bone and confirmed that Newcastle, Bangalore’s brother will be joining the Apex Games as the Season 13 legend.

Apex Legends season 12 has been around for a while now and the player base has been waiting for some news on season 13. The developers have finally thrown them a bone and officially confirmed what is arguably their worst-kept secret. Newcastle is the next legend to join the Apex Games.

After a massive leak revealed nine upcoming legends in the game, everyone was certain Newcastle was next. Sure enough, the Saviors launch trailer revealed a glimpse at his abilities. While the leak does take away some of the hype and surprise element, it’s exciting to see what we can expect from Newcastle. Especially considering he will take his place alongside Lifeline as one of only two support legends in the game.

What can Apex Legends players expect from Newcastle?

Newcastle’s passive ability allows him to revive squadmates on the move while holding up a small shield.

There’s not much we don’t already know about Newcastle. The leaks covered pretty much everything when it comes to his abilities and place in the game. He’s a support legend with defensive abilities that will allow his team to reposition and survive battles that go awry.

By the looks of it, he’s a pretty potent support legend that will complement Lifeline with a unique revive.


According to Apex Legends data miner, bobz, Newcastle has the following abilities:

  • Passive – Retrieve the Wounded – “Drag downed allies as you revive and protect them with your Revive Shield”
  • Tactical – Mobile Shield – “Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield”
  • Ultimate – Castle Wall – “Leap and slam to a target ally or area and create a fortified stronghold”
Newcastle’s tactical ability is a deployable shield that can be moved around

In the trailer, we can see all these abilities in action. His passive gives him the ability to revive teammates while moving and holding up a small shield that absorbs damage.

Newcastle’s tactical is a movable shield that he can deploy that a shield that can be moved around and blocks incoming damage. For Overwatch fans, imagine a cross between Reinhardt’s Barrier Field and Brigitte’s Barrie Shield.

This shield looks a lot like Lifeline’s revive shield that was removed during the early seasons. His ultimate deploys a large wall that Newcastle and his teammates can use as cover to reposition or heal up during a fight.

Newcastle’s Ultimate deploys a large wall that creates a significant amount of cover for his squadmates

How does Newcastle fit into Apex Legends lore?

The lore throughout season 12 and some of Season 11 has focused on Bangalore’s search for her brother. Bangalore (Anita WIlliams) was separated from her brother, Jackson Williams during an aircraft crash after which she joined the Apex Games.

Eventually, Bangalore’s thoughts about Jackson consumed her and she started looking for him. Wraith offered to find him and found a lead. Her lead took Bangalore and Wraith to a body that was supposedly Jackson’s. Bangalore, feeling distraught by this revelation decided to leave the Apex Games with Revenant, and meet her family.

The Saviors trailer, however, revealed that Newcastle, the newest legend is actually Jackson Williams. So it looks like Bangalore will be staying in the Apex Games and we’ll get to know how Newcastle survived and joined the Apex Games in upcoming seasons.

All said and done, it’s a pretty neat narrative and it looks like we’ll be getting some intertwined storylines with the legends in the future.

Season 13 of Apex Legends is just around the corner and will be launching in a week. By the looks of it, Respawn Entertainment has some pretty exciting content in store for the players.

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