Apex Legends adds Team Deathmatch, but shuts down Arenas cover image

Apex Legends adds Team Deathmatch, but shuts down Arenas

Apex Legends is dropping a hot new mixtape

It’s the fourth anniversary of the Apex Games, and with that milestone comes exciting new changes to every part of the game. Team Deathmatch will finally be added to Apex Legends, alongside a new mixtape of game modes that will regularly rotate. In the past, new game modes were only available for limited times and usually tied to collection events. Now, the permanent playlist of modes is dropping in March and will rotate three fan-favorite game modes with the Season 16 launch. Unfortunately, this change up in the game means the retirement of Arenas.

What's on shuffle?

  • Control: The popular game mode that originally debuted in Season 12, Control is a game of domination. Two teams of nine Legends each fight to control three different zones on the map, labeled A, B, and C.
  • Gun Run: The ultimate warm-up game mode is back! Released in Season 14, Gun Run pits four teams of three Legends each against each other. Gun Run is more chaotic than Control, especially since the maps are significantly smaller. Level up your weapon with kills until you reach the Throwing Knife. Getting a kill with the knife will end the game!
  • Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch (TDM) is finally in Apex Legends! This new six-versus-six mode will have the goal of reaching 30 kills first. Winning two rounds will ultimately win the game. This new mode is fast-paced, with no downed state and fast respawns, which gives plenty of opportunity to try new things and practice gun skills. Like Control, you’ll be able to change your Legend and loadout throughout the game. Weapon loadouts will be similar as well, with options like Close Quarters, Heavy, Assault, Specialist, and Long Range. Playable maps are shown to be Party Crasher, Overflow, and Skull Town, but expect more to the rotation when the mode goes live.
(Image via Respawn)
(Image via Respawn)

Sunsetting Arenas

Arenas, a game mode introduced in season nine, is coming to a close. A three versus three game type that allowed players to practice their gunplay uninterrupted by third parties. However, despite its popularity at launch, Arenas has become static over time. It seems that the devs at Respawn have been unhappy with the game mode’s performance and made the decision to end it at Season 16's launch.

During a preview event Marty Wong, a game mode designer at Respawn, said this about Arenas performance: “Arenas was supposed to be our smaller slice of BR mode. What ended up being was, it was kind of a sweatier, more high-stakes mode. A lot of players would go into it feeling like they couldn’t make mistakes or couldn’t really experiment, they always had to play really hard.” As for the new Team Deathmatch, Wong said “We’re hoping that TDM comes in and provides a place for players to die fast and feel comfortable making mistakes, hoping that gives Apex a lot more accessibility for new players.”

Via Respawn
Via Respawn

These new changes definitely sound like a breath of fresh air for Apex Legends as Season 16’s release comes up. The rotating mixtape, featuring Control, Gun Run, and Team Deathmatch, will be enough to start off the revelry in the new season! Hopefully, we will see new game modes added in future seasons as well.

Season 16, “Revelry” will launch Feb. 14, 2023. For more updates on Apex Legends, stick with Esports.gg.