The new Gun Run mode in Apex Legends looks like an exciting addition to Apex Legends’ growing list of LTMs, where players have to play different weapons in order to win the game.

Apex Legends is bringing in a host of exciting content with the upcoming Beast of Prey collection event. Season 14 has been great so far with all the changes to the gun and legend meta and the addition of Vantage proving a hit with the players. The fact that they're adding a brand new LTM in the middle of a season is especially great and will keep the players active. The new Apex Legends LTM is called Gun Run and it looks like a great way to warm up for sweaty BR matches.

It looks like Apex Legends has left its tumultuous dry spell with LTMs behind since the launch of Season 12. They launched Control, which turned out to be a great success with the players enjoying the game mode so much that it even made a comeback in Season 13. It's exciting to see a completely new LTM like Gun Run coming to the game in season 14.

What is Gun Run in Apex Legends?

Gun Run is an upcoming limited-time mode in Apex Legends featuring fast-paced FPS action gameplay. The highlight of the game mode is that players get to experience different guns in the same match. Here's how it works

  • Players will spawn in a limited map with their squad
  • They will be battling it out to the end against three other squads
  • They'll receive infinite ammo and heals
  • Dying leads to an automatic respawn
  • Getting kills will upgrade a player's weapon and them leapfrogging
  • The final weapon upgrade is a 'Throwing Knife', an event-exclusive weapon.
  • The first team that manages to land a kill with a throwing knife wins the game.
  • Weapons marked with a "boost" value in their upgrade path will skip upgrade levels based on the boost value.
  • Throwing Knives are available in the firing range for practice.

A great way to learn different weapons in Apex Legends

In order to win Gun Run, players must get a kill with every weapon in their upgrade path
In order to win Gun Run, players must get a kill with every weapon in their upgrade path

This makes Gun Run a great way to get a grasp of how different weapons work in Apex Legends. Of course, players can technically try out multiple weapons in the BR game mode, but they don't. Most of them go looking for their preferred loadout and stick to their comfort zones. Thriving in gun run requires adapting to weapons that may be out of the player's comfort zone. For instance, it's possible a player may "upgrade" from an R-301 into an L-Star, which is among the more difficult guns to use.

The Beast of Prey collection event goes live on 20th September and brings some exciting content with it, in addition to Gun Run. These include skins, Loba's heirloom, and some changes to the weapon meta. The patch notes are live on the official Apex Legends website.

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