The new Beast of Prey event is here for Season 13 of Apex Legends. Join us as we break down the features skins and bundles of the event!

The newest event of Apex Legneds Season 13 is here. The Beasts of Prey event is brining a new LTM to the Outlands as well as a whole new set of skins. The Predatory theme of the event fits pretty well with Season 13 of Apex, Hunted. So, lets break down the featured skins and items of the event.

There are a total of 5 featured bundles for the event alongside Loba's new Heirloom. There are bundles for Lifeline, Horizon, Pathfinder, Fuse and Octane. Each bundle is of Legendary rarity and contains 2 items each all drawing inspiration from Hunters in different stories.

Lifeline's Healing Huntress Bundle

Starting off with Lifeline's bundle in which she received a matching skin for herself and the Peacekeeper. The skin takes a lot of inspiration from the Predator movies, especially with the Helmet Lifeline wears. Alongside the sleek look of the Peacekeeper skin, it makes sense why this is one of the really featured skins of the event.

Lifeline's Beast of Prey event bundle
Lifeline's Beast of Prey event bundle

Horizon's Alien Bundle

If Lifeline is getting a Predator inspired skin for the Beasts of Prey event, then it only makes sense that a rival appears. Horizon gets a Alien themed bundle to square off against lifeline. This gorgeous bundle is arguably the best Horizon skin out there and one of the few that fully cover her face up. The dark blue colors really shift Horizon away from the cheery scientist to a more sinister intergalactic predator. Alongside the equally menacing Rampage skin, this bundle is an absolute masterpiece for the beasts of prey event.

Horizon's Beast of Prey event bundle
Horizon's Beast of Prey event bundle

Octane's Beast of Prey event Bundle

Although we don't know the specific name of the bundle, this is a gorgeous set for Octane. Lately throughout there have been a couple Octane skins with full on helmets rather than his classic facemask. And it just keeps working so well. This boney bundle is quite the hue shift from Octane's classic greens and blacks to blues and whites. This nice, refreshing bundle comes with an accompanying Prowler skin that matches the Octane skin perfectly.

Fuses's Cowboy bundle

Like the previously mentioned Octane bundle, we don't know the official beasts of prey event bundle name. However, we don't need the name to enjoy this cowboy, desperado set for Fuse. With a full on robotic bounty hunter aesthetic, this is arguably one of Fuses best skins out there. What really makes the set pop is the slight hits of lime green that really pop due to the dark reds and blacks of the skin. To match up with our cowboy is a gorgeous Alternator skin that also shares the same color scheme.

Last but certainly not Least, Pathfinder's bundle

Next up is Pathfinder's bundle. Alongside the Havoc, Pathfinder has become a mechanized hunting matching. With ammo bags strapped around him and a new Black, Silver and Yellow color scheme giving off almost a sci-fi army robot vibe. That, alongside the uniquely shaped head makes this a pretty cool and certainly unique Pathfinder skin.

How to get the Beasts of Prey event skins?

Throughout the Beasts of Prey event, there are 2 ways to acquire these skins. First is through purchasing the skins directly or crafting them with materials. In pervious events, to craft Legendary skins cost 2400 crafting materials and 1800 Apex Coins to unlock.

Beast of Prey event store
Beast of Prey event store

However, the much cheaper option is through Event packs, in which you can get different bundles in the store to try your luck. You'll be guaranteed at least one event item per Event Pack. So if you are aiming for Loba's heirloom, then that is the best option as you'll need to collect all 24 items from the event to get the item. You can check out the official event breakdown here.