Apex’s newest limited time mode: Control. Join us as we break down the new game mode and all the new features it entails!

As Season 11 is coming to a close, trailer and hype is surrounding Apex's newest season: Defiance is growing. Today in the new launch trailer, Apex introduced a new LTM game mode Control. This new, invigorating new limited game mode features a 9 versus 9 objective based battle.

Similar to when Arenas brought new life into Apex back in Season 9, the new Control Apex game mode is sure to do the same.

What does the Apex game mode Control entail?

The new Control game mode is similar to Call of Duty's infamous game mode: Hardpoint. A time based area domination game mode that features 2 teams of 9 legends each. Players have to control 3 different objectives over the course of the match on 2 different maps: Olympus' Hammond Labs and Storm Point's Barometer.

To support the new Apex game mode, both maps include new cover, tridents and ziplines specific to the game mode, which will provide brand new opportunities.

Unlike Arenas, Control isn't fought over multiple rounds, you fight until either a time limit or a point threshold is reached. Especially with infinite respawns and choosing your respawn location, this Apex game mode is sure to be a fun one.

Legends will be able to choose where the respawn with specific loadouts available. This could be similar to the Winter Express loadout selection. In which the loadout options changed on a daily or weekly basis.

Apex Game Mode Control: Controlling these beacons will be crucial
Apex Game Mode Control: Controlling these beacons will be crucial

Although we won't know if there will be specific loadouts already implemented like the Winter Express or custom loadouts that you can design yourself.

Rather than a kill leader, the new Control game mode featured a "Ratings Leader". Your rating increases by capturing zones, getting kills or assists which upgrades your gear. Armor increases, weapon upgrades and earning abilities are all rewards for increasing your rating.

This brand new Apex game mode seems like tons of fun and the community couldn't agree more! Season 12 seems to be the a huge step forward and we are excited to see the rest of the changes coming to Apex.