The Season 10 Emergence Patch notes just dropped. Join us as we break down the major Weapon and Legend changes. There’s a lot that’s changing, so don’t get caught out.

Season 10 drops tomorrow August 3rd, and earlier today Respawn released the Apex Season 10 patch. The tenth season is called Emergence, and the upcoming patch mainly features weapon changes, with a sprinkling of Map, Legend and Quality of life changes. We've already covered the map changes, so this will focus on the weapon and legend changes in the emergence patch notes.

Legend Changes for Season 10

Out of the 18 total Legends in the game, only 4 of them are getting adjusted in the Apex Season 10 patch. The changes feature Horizon, Caustic, Revenant and Fuse. However, thanks to a Gamespot article, we already knew that these legends were getting the changes.


Unfortunately, Fuse has not been the most popular or viable Legend. Thus, Respawn has implemented some new strategies to buff our favorite Australian grenadier. The first major change is that enemies that are caught within the ring of fire from Fuse's ult are not revealed to Fuse's team. The other change is that the Knuckle Cluster explosion's duration has increased by 100%.

These buffs will hopefully propel Fuse's viability upwards. The change to his ultimate is a great change, as we've mentioned in our Seer prediction article, that any vision based abilities are amazing. Additionally, increasing the duration of the Knuckle Cluster can help by stalling out fights or damaging enemies caught in it immensely.


When Season 9 came around, the nerf to Horizon's gravity lift shut her down. In her debut season, she was getting picked in almost every game and now its a rare sight to see the scientist. However with the Apex Season 10 patch , Respawn is meeting us halfway, with her gravity lift speed being an "medium between 9.1 and Legacy update launch Values". So hopefully, she can join the likes of other mobility legends like Pathfinder, Wraith and Octane.


Thankfully, Respawn has done something about the infamous Rev-tane pushes that have been terrorizing the game. Now with the Emergence patch, there is a visual and audio cue when the Death Totem protection ends and a slow after being recalled to the totem. This hopefully will help the seemingly endless onslaught of Revenant pushes.


The last Legend change in the Emergence patch is to Caustic. As Respawn's John Larson explained in the Apex Uncut Podcast, Caustic is a tricky legend to balance, as he can easily take over the meta with even the smallest of buffs. In this update, the gas damage starts at 5 damage and increases by 1 damage every other tick indefinitely. On top of that, some lower cooldowns on his tactical and ultimate really makes standing in his gas a real deterrent.

Weapon changes

General Weapon changes (Hop ups, Care package, Kitted weapons)

What a lot of people missed over the past couple seasons was a SMG class weapon that utilized heavy ammo. Fortunately the Emergence patch has brought back our long lost friend, the Prowler. This season, the Spitfire and Alternator have taken its place in the Care Package and the Prowler has returned. Additionally, the Alternator now has Disruptor rounds, a throwback to season 2 hop up that increases damage to shields. The Spitfire has a slightly bigger mag size and does 19 damage (rather than 18).

Next up, Kitted weapon rotation. The Emergence update brings the Peacekeeper, RE-45, Flatline, Rampage and Charge Rifle as fully kitted weapons to find. This also means that we won't be seeing fully kitted Bocek, Wingman, R99, Hemlock or Sentinels anymore.

Lastly, before the specific gun changes are the removal and addition to some hop ups. The Anvil Receiver and Quickdraw have been removed, while a new hop up has taken its place. The Boosted Loader for the Hemlock and Wingman increases reload speed and overloads the next magazine if you reload near empty but not at zero.

Weapon Class changes

LMG's and Pistols got a slight change in the Apex Season 10 patch. The LMG's headshot multiplier got reduced from 2.0 to 1.75. However, the limbshot multiplier got increased to 0.85 from 0.75.

Pistols on the other hand got reduced handling time. In other words, all pistols got a half quickdraw holster hop up integrated into the weapon itself.

Specific Weapon changes


The L-Star not works like the Volt, where it now is able to take Energy Magazines and Barrel mods. The Magazines allow for more shots to go out before it overheats and Barrels reduce recoil. These well needed changes are in an attempt to make the L-Star more viable later in the game rather than just an early game weapon.


The Eva-8 is without a doubt the best shotgun in the game, with a crazy fast fire rate and good damager per pellet. The only deterrent is that the spread is a bit of a challenge to master. Thus, in the Emergence update, the bolt fire rate has been significantly reduced. During their dev stream, the developers admitted it's fire rate before was a bit "nutty", and they hope this change will balance the weapon.

Ranked Arenas

The last set of changes that come with the new Apex Season 10 patch is the addition of Ranked Arenas. With the addition of Arenas last season, it is only fair that Ranked Arenas now come to the outlands. Ranked Arenas works the same way that Ranked Battle royale does. 10 Calibration games determines your match making rating and then you can climb. The main difference is that instead of focusing on placement and KP, you climb rank by simply winning.

The stage is set for a great new season for Apex Legends, with great changes that revamp old legends and nerfs to broken mechanics. We look forward to seeing you on World's Edge exploring the new areas and trying out all the new features. For more Apex Legends news, stick around at