EA unveil newest Legend Seer in latest Stories from the Outlands cover image

EA unveil newest Legend Seer in latest Stories from the Outlands

Respawn just released a new Stories from the Outlands featuring our first look at Season 10’s new Legend Seer. Join us as we break down the new trailer!

Earlier today Respawn released a new Stories from the outlands featuring a origin story of the new Legend, Seer. The Stories from the Outlands doesn't reveal much about the Legend. However, previous leaks and datamining can give a rough idea of the new season 10 Legend. As the Thrillseeker's event serves to transition from season 9 to season 10, the whole Apex community is preparing for a great new season.

Data miners uncover design approach

Previous leaks from data miners have given us a rough idea of Seer's abilities and design. In terms of design, a data miner named GarretLeaks showed in game skin files for a "future legend", which was Seer. The file name was "Lgnd_v20_afrofuturism" which is an aesthetic combines African culture and technology. A great example of this is Wakanda in Marvel's Black Pather. Now that Respawn has shown us what Seer's design is, the leaks of Afrofuturism truly fits in with his design.

Seer's Abilities

In terms of abilities, another well known Apex Legends data miner SomeoneWhoLeaks showed us the new legend's ability icons. These icons look very similar to the current Easter egg on Worlds Edge and Olympus. We can tell that the third icon is was the Easter egg itself. While the first icon resembles the gun charm you get from completing the Easter egg. Unfortunately, the second icon still remains a mystery.

Predictions for Seer's role

From what we know from leaks as well as the trailer, Seer seems to be a recon type legend. Recon type legends like Bloodhound and Crypto excel at information gathering throughout the game. Seer seems to utilize microdrones (yes, plural) for his scouting purposes. A post explains that he "Seer sports opportunities that other legends might miss, and seizes them in the most beautiful way he can". Potentially, he could be a combination of Bloodhound and Crypto's abilities. Where Seer uses his drones (that I feel are going to look like moths) for a short time to see recent tracks of enemies.

As season 9 comes to a close and the launch trailer for the new season around the corner, the Apex community has a lot to look forward too. The launch trailer for season 10 Emergence comes out on the 22nd of July, so we'll have a better idea of Seer and everything the new season brings.