The Emergence gameplay trailer dropped and we are here to break it down and give a heads up on what’s to come in the new season of Apex!

Earlier today, Respawn released the much awaited Emergence gameplay trailer for the new Apex legends season. The Emergence gameplay trailer features skins, map changes, and gameplay of the newest legend, Seer. On top of the changes, the trailer revolves around a new story line for bloodhound. A revenge arc about how Hammond Industries ravaged World's Edge through their mining, and Bloodhound avenging the ravaged planet.

New Skins

From the Emergence gameplay trailer , we can see 3 of the new skins featured in season 10's battle pass. All three skins seem somewhat "intergalactic" themed, with all space-like features. The Valkyrie skin gives off power-ranger vibes with a gorgeous pink and silver color combination. The skin seems simple yet refined, and so this is probably one of the base skins from the battle pass.

Valkyrie, one of the most popular legends in pro play also gets a new skin
Valkyrie, one of the most popular legends in pro play also gets a new skin

Next up is a Hive Queen-esque skin for Horizon. The colors and distinct shapes on the skin make the skin stand out. Typically in battle passes, the unique skins like this are around the level 25 or 50 mark.

Horizon certainly looks different
Horizon certainly looks different

The last skin that we saw in the Emergence gameplay trailer was a good look at was the reactive skin of the season. This Volt skin looks refined yet out of this world. The different shades of blue with the turquoise and grey really emphasize the space theme of this season's battle pass. Additionally, the reactive aspect of the weapon are the claws towards the top of the weapon. Similar to the R99 reactive skin the claws will pulsate in waves as you get more and more kills.

Trailer showcases reactive Volt skin
Trailer showcases reactive Volt skin

Map changes

With the new season there are almost always a ton of new map changes. Season 10 focuses on World's Edge, with additions and eliminations to certain POI's. The Emergence gameplay trailer shows off a couple of the new POI's of the new season. All the new POI's look gorgeous and replace some of the popular areas of World's Edge.


The first major POI change is at Refinery. When World's Edge first came out, Refinery was a huge hot drop for a lot of players. Since then, the area isn't as popular as before but it tends to be more of a late game area. With the new season, Refinery has been wiped out and has been replaced with the Climatizer.

Lava Siphon

Another huge change to World's Edge is the replacement of Sorting Factory. In the Emergence gameplay trailer, we can see some fighting in this new area. Respawn explained that the infamous factory was "swallowed up by a massive sinkhole and replaced with a big POI called Lava Siphon". Sorting factory has been an iconic POI since its release, and so it was time for a change. This new area seems a lot more open with Gondolas separating 2 different buildings.


We also got a full description of Seer's abilities thanks to Apex Legends News on twitter. As we mentioned in our prediction article for the legend, his kit seems to include tacking aspects of Bloodhound and Crypto. His passive allows you to hear heartbeats of nearby legends when he aims down sights. Then, his tactical allows you to launch mini drones that mark enemies and interrupts usage of healing items and revives.

On top of that, Seer's tactical also shows their locations and health for 8 seconds. Lastly, his ultimate basically is a huge area scan. We get to see his ultimate in the Emergence gameplay trailer, as he takes down an enemy Valkyrie. The ability targets enemies that move quickly or shoot their weapons and marks them, and the mark reveals their location to Seer and his allies.

If you're a fan of Apex wallpapers, 4 Seer wallpapers were shared on the Apex Legends official Twitter.

The Emergence gameplay trailer only gives us a brief glimpse into the new season, but after watching the trailer, the whole community is excited for the new season. With brand new map changes, skins and patch notes to come, we are all excited to see what Respawn have in store for us.