The patch notes for Season 15 of Apex Legends are here! Join us as we break down all the changes of the new season!

Season 15 of Apex Legends is right around the corner, with the new season arriving on November 1st. Typically, with each season or update there's some balance changes to legends and weapons. However, Season 15's patch notes are a bit different, with all the changes being focused on weapons and quality of life.

Despite the lack of legend changes in Season 15, there are plenty of gun changes, so lets break down the biggest changes of the patch!

Care Package & Kitted Weapons in Season 15

As per each season, there is a care package rotation. Typically one or two weapons head in to the package while the others return to ground loot. Season 15 embraces the return of the Mastiff to ground loot while surprisingly, the RE-45 takes its place. Of course with the rotation, the weapons don't keep their original damage numbers. So, the Mastiff now has five total shots with each pellet doing 11 damage (from 14). While on the other hand, the RE-45 gets a damage buff to 14 (from 12) and does 30% increased damage to shields with Disruptor Rounds.

The RE-45 moved into the CP in season 15 patch notes
The RE-45 moved into the CP in season 15 patch notes

In terms of kitted, also known as gold, weapons there is a seasonal rotation. And with the release of the battle pass trailer, players expected to see both featured weapons of the battle pass as kittted weapons for the season. However, this isn't all true. This season, the kitted or fully upgraded weapon rotation is as follows:

  • R-301
  • Devotion LMG
  • 30-30 Repeater
  • EVA-8
  • Prowler Burst PDW

Season 15 changes Hop Up pool

Season 15 has made small changes to the hop ups that are currently in Apex and even shelving a couple. The Anvil receiver returns for the R-301 and Flatline to help their single fire modes. While on the other hand, Hammerpoint Rounds, Boosted Loader and Kinetic Feeder have all been shelved for the time being. The Boosted Loader and Kinetic feeder need some reworks, as their impact is not as significant as other hop ups.

Like for example the Turbocharger, that makes the Devotion a pretty viable weapon. And to balance it out, there has been a change to it in season 15. Now, while a Turbocharger is equipped, damage of the weapon is decreased by one. The same applies for the Double Tap Trigger, as it spikes how good a weapon is if you can find it. Hence why its also been upgraded to Legendary rarity, meaning it'll be harder to find.

Specific weapons and crafting


The crafting rotation in Season 15 is also changing a bit, with the Havoc and P2020 returning to ground loot. While on the other hand, the Peacekeeper and Spitfire get moved into the crafter. Although we don't know the exact costs, players will just have to find out when the new season drops.

Rampage and Sentinel

The LMG and Sniper respectively are the only two weapons in the game that can use up other resources to buff themselves. Although the feature is rarely used, the changes in Season 15 hope to help the feature be more used. Now, you can charge the weapons before the previous charge expires.

A charged up sentinel (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Source</a>)
A charged up sentinel (Source)

Volt and R99

The 2 most popular SMG's in Apex Legends got some changes in Season 15. Starting with the Volt, who's damage stats haven't changed one bit. Rather, the Volt now has less projectile speed and more gravity. While on the other hand, the R99 got some ammo buffs. Now the R99 with blue and purple mag sizes increased by 1 on each level. Blue from 24 to 25 and purple from 27 to 28.

Ranked changes in Season 15, or lack thereof

Despite the massive changes to ranked Apex in the previous season of Apex, there aren't any in the Season 15 patch notes except one. The change is pretty minor, with the entry level now being a minimum of 20 rather than 10. But the distinct lack of changes in both Ranked and for the Legends has the community in quite the confused state.

You can check out the full patch notes for Season 15 on the blog post. For more Apex content, stick around on!