What changes are coming with Apex Legends Season 19?

Apex Legends Season 19 is now a day away. Here are the official Apex Legends Season 19 patch notes.

Apex Legends Season 19 Patch Notes

New Legend: Conduit

Apex Legends seem to have moved onto a schedule of a new legend every other season. Season 18 brought Revenant Reborn, a rework of an existing legend.

That means Season 19 brings a new legend, and that has been confirmed to be Conduit.

Conduit's Apex abilities are:

  • Passive Ability: Conduit gets a speed boost when running towards enemies out of the range of her tactical.
  • Tactical Ability: Blast your ally with energy, regenerating temporary shields for them when in danger. This can heal a Red shield from empty to full if not interrupted.
  • Ultimate Ability: Deploy an array of shield jammers which damage and slow enemies. These damage shields or flesh health. Jammers can be destroyed by enemies, and are deployed in a line.

Other legend updates

Developers have said that they are taking steps to address the "can't see sh*t meta". This see's changes to both Bangalore and Catalyst amongst others.

The Apex Legends Season 19 Patch Notes brings the following legend changes:

  • Catalysts tactical's hitbox will no longer block projectiles. The throw distance of her tactical has been reduced also. Additionally, she can only place 2 traps at once instead of three.
  • Catalysts Dark Veil will now stay up for 25 seconds, previously 30. Her cooldown will reset when the Wall drops, not when she first deploys it.
  • Bangalore's three abilities are all getting a slight nerf. Double Time duration is now 2 seconds (down from 3). Smoke Lifetime is reduced to 18 seconds (down from 23) and her Ultimate will now stun for 6 seconds (was 8).
  • Wraith's passive should now feel more reliable.
  • Pathfinder can now scan care packages even after an allied skirmisher has already scanned it.
  • Revenants Ultimate now has a reduced time extension window from 30 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Vantage will have an extra bullet in her Ultimate, which will now hold up to 6.
  • Newcastle's Castle Wall gets an improved max leap height and a reduced recovery time after landing.

Ranked Changes

Respawn have announced that there will be some changes to Ranked in Season 19. They unveiled a variety of tweaks earlier this month in a post on Reddit.

Their aim is to slightly increase the speed at which players can climb through the ranks. Players should see higher bonuses. More information on what an Apex Skill bonus is here.

There is also the addition of new promotional trials to ranked. These must be completed in a limited amount of games to move between two rank tiers. For example, Gold to Platinum.

This is meant to help prevent the climb of players who aren't engaging in the games properly - goodbye healing in zone!

Respawn Changes

There is also a big update to respawning in the Battle Royale. Instead of starting 'fresh', the Apex Legends Season 19 Patch Notes reveal that you will now spawn with some of your old gear.

You will respawn with:

  • Armor and Helmet Level you died with.
  • Non-Crate Weapons you died with, but with no attachments.
  • 2 Stacks of Ammo for each Weapon you died with.

Apex Season 19 Patch Notes: Map Changes

Storm Point

Also included in the Apex Season 19 changes is a revamp of Storm Point. 40% of the map has been adjusted, following the storm that took Storm Point out of rotation in Season 18.

Included in these changes is the long waited arrival of the Wattson Town Takeover. This replaces Antenna. Also getting replaced are Fish Farms, Ship Fall, Gale Station and Highpoint. Lightning Rod also gets some adjustments.

Overall the map has been reduced in size, including a large reduction on the amount of water you can walk in around the map.

Apex Legends Season 19 Patch Notes: Weapon Changes

There will not be a new weapon in Season 19. Instead, the focus has been on diversifying the "mid to long range meta."

The Apex Legends Season 19 Patch Notes bring the following changes:

  • The projectile size of the Sentinel, Longbow, Charge Rifle has been increased.
  • The Charge Rifle's projectile drop has also been reduced.
  • The Bocek is getting a faster initial draw speed, and has a tightened spread on Shattercaps. Shattercaps can also now be toggled.
  • The 30-30's hip fire spread will now increase with each shot.
  • The Hemlock is losing 1 damage per bullet, down to 21.
  • The Devotion and Havoc will no longer lose 1 damage when equipped with a Turbocharger.

Supply Drop weapons:

  • There will now always be a weapon in a Supply Drop at any stage of the game.
  • The Wingman is going into the Supply Drop. It gets a damage buff to 50 base damage. The Skull Piercer will ignore headshot damage reduction from helmets, and it will also have a Boosted Loader too.
  • The L Star is back on the floor, it has been nerfed but will be stronger than when it was last on the floor. It will do 17 damage, and has improved recoil with and without the Barrel Stabiliser.

Crafting rotation:

  • The RE-45 and the 30-30 are back as ground loot.
  • The R301 and the Volt will be in the Crafting rotation.
  • The Digital Threat scope will no longer ever be in crafting.
  • Havoc, RE-45, C.A.R. SMG, L-Star, Longbow DMR are the Gold Weapons this season

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