Conduit Apex Legends: Confirmed abilities and more cover image

Conduit Apex Legends: Confirmed abilities and more

Conduit is coming to the Apex games. What will she bring with her?

Respawn have revealed that Apex Legends Season 19 will bring a new legend, Conduit.

"Inspired by the Monarch Titan that saved her life, as well as her sister’s dedication to taking care of the family, Conduit makes the ultimate sacrifice. By utilizing the irradiated remains of the Monarch’s battery, she trades her future health for the opportunity to provide for her family and rise to her legend."

We now have official confirmation of what her abilities will be.

What are Conduit Apex's abilities?

Before today's official confirmation there had been several leaks about what her abilities might be. Some of these leaks were very close to her actual abilities. As usual with Apex Legends, the official Conduit Apex abilities are a mix betweeen different rumours and leaks.

Conduit's Apex abilities are:

  • Passive Ability: Conduit gets a speed boost when running towards enemies out of the range of her tactical.
  • Tactical Ability: Blast your ally with energy, regenerating temporary shields for them when in danger. This can heal a Red shield from empty to full if not interrupted.
  • Ultimate Ability: Deploy an array of shield jammers which damage and slow enemies. These damage shields or flesh health. Jammers can be destroyed by enemies, and are deployed in a line.

Conduit Apex Legends class

It is also official that Conduit will be in the support category in the Apex Legends class system. This will allow Conduit to access extended supply bins. Additionally, if you have a Conduit on your team you can craft expired banners at a replicator.

Image: EA/Respawn
Image: EA/Respawn

What sort of legend will Conduit be?

Conduit is a primarily healing focused legend. Her abilities are designed to help her stay close to her teammates, heal them in fights and help delay or detter pushes. Devs say she fits in with Lifeline as the games healing legends.

However, unlike some of the other legends in the Support class she has some decent solo play potential. Her own shields are healed when she uses her Tactical, and her Speed Boost really can help her cover some ground around the map if she is isolated from her team.

Credit: EA/Respawn
Credit: EA/Respawn

Conduit doesn't have any crazy Apex movement abilities, but she brings something to the game that no other legend does.

Being in the support class is also very valuable. Support legends have become increasingly popular in Ranked gameplay especially. The ability to craft expired bannerd and access extra healing items is a strong perk to have.

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