Storm Point Map Changes: Everything changing in Season 19 cover image

Storm Point Map Changes: Everything changing in Season 19

The Storm has passed, but what has happened to Storm Point?

Storm Point is getting a significant rework in Apex Legends Season 19. The tropical island map has had about 40% of the map adjusted according to developers. The new Storm Point map changes come in the aftermath of a huge weather event that has decimated the island.

The target behind these changes was to make the map a bit more fun to play. While Storm Point is a very balanced competitive map, developers felt there was room for improvement on how fun the map is to play.

Changes include several new POI's, including the long rumoured Wattson Town Takeover.

Storm Point map changes brings several new POI's

All the new POI's arriving with the Storm Point changes are as a result of this bad storm that the island experienced. Some are structures and buildings designed to help restore power. Others are part of an intense cleanup operation.

Additionally there are several small changes to existing spots on the map that were damaged by the weather.

Zeus Station

Zeus Station replaces Highpoint at the very north of the map. This location comprises a series of small buildings, corridors and a larger central building.

Image EA
Image EA

Highpoint was famous for its iconic Jump Tower. Thankfully, this is staying with Zeus Station so you can still land here and make big rotates to the south of the map. Highpoint always felt quite underwhelming as somewhere to land, with very limited loot. Zeus Station feels like a much stronger location to land. Fights here are dynamic with multiple layers and a lot of verticality. In addition, there is now a new pass through straight to Lightning Rod.

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod is one of the existing locations that is impacted substantially by the Storm Point Changes. It's being reduced in size, and the POI technically encompasses the old Thunderwatch too. The Prowlers and space between the two locations are gone. Additionally, the IMC Armoury nearby has been destroyed by the weather.


The centre of Storm Point has become known as Jurassic. This formerly was a large cage like area full of Prowlers. Not somewhere you'd really want to be for a long period. In Season 19, the Storm Point changes are adding extra infrastructure to this area. In addition to a range of new buildings and ziplines there is now no longer any Prowler nests here. ALGS aficionados will also be pleased to see a Ring Console is back at this location.

CETO Station

With Prowlers being removed, what happens to the Prowler island in the centre of the map? This location is now becoming one of the other new locations. Just south of Cascades is now CETO Station. This has a few smaller buildings and rooms, with one larger building. Being in the middle of the map, this will be a popular hot drop location for players that want some instant action.

Image EA
Image EA

The Pylon

At last, the Wattson Town Takeover is here. The Pylon is placed where Antenna was on the previous iterations of Storm Point. It follows the same footprint. There are three edge compounds of a few buildings. Then, one larger compound in the centre. The main building features a variety of corridors and some verticality.

In the centre of the POI is a Charge Tower - letting you grab your Ultimate Ability with no cooldown.

Image EA
Image EA

Now, because this is a Town Takeover there is a wide range of hidden easter eggs and references to Wattson. She is here helping restore power specifically because Crypto's home city is impacted. Wattson wants to help her friend and this is also reflected in some of the references placed among the variety of Storm Point changes.

Devastated Coast

Fish Farms was hit the heaviest by the recent storm. It is absolutely in ruins, with a cleanup operation under way. Most of the buildings are either gone totally, or destroyed. One is suspended in the air. There is a new compound and wall to the North where the clean up is being based from. The open buildings and varying sections of debris mean this feels like a whole new location to fight in.

Image EA
Image EA

Echo HQ

Additionally, Gale Station has been replaced by Echo HQ. Echo are responsible for the clean up along the coast and are basing their operations nearby the destroyed Fish Farms.

Echo HQ features some small compound buildings, a bunker area and a garage style main building. While Gale Station was a bit underwhelming and awkward to fight at, Echo HQ feels like a much more fleshed out location. The variety of stairs, cylinders and crates make this an exciting place to fight in close quarters.

Image EA
Image EA

Costal Camp

Furthermore, Ship Fall has also been affected by the Storm. The old crashed Ship has been blown into the ocean. Moreover, all the land south of that area is gone. No Prowler nest, and the old Bridge where the Gravity Cannon was is also no more. This has been replaced by water.

Replacing Ship Fall is Costal Camp. A small semi walled compound with the same sort of buildings that are placed at Downed Beast.

Storm Point map changes make the map feel very different

With so many changes to the map, this is a big refresh to how the map plays out. There is new lore to explore, a lot more ziplines and the centre of the map particularly feels different. Some of the most frustrating open spaces, occupied by Prowlers, are changed.

The highlight of the map is undoubtedly the new skybox. Storm Point feels totally different thanks to the brightly coloured, rainbow filled skies. This gives the map a friendly warm glow as you head about your latest Apex matches.

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