Revenant Reborn: All of Rev’s terrifying new abilities cover image

Revenant Reborn: All of Rev’s terrifying new abilities

Revenant has been reborn. What does he have in store?

Revenant Reborn has been officially unveiled ahead of Apex Legends Season 18. Following weeks of teasers, trailers and leaks we now have confirmation of Revenant's all new abilities.

Revenant Reborn is the 'new' legend for Season 18, but everyone who already has Revenant will not have to unlock him again. For those players who don't have Revenant unlocked, he is available for all players all season. Challenges will be available throughout the season to permanently unlock him forever.

Apex devs feel that Revenant's playstyle "hasn't really been keeping up with the playstyle around him" and are pushing out a big rework to bring him back into the meta.

Revenant Reborn breakdown

Revenant will be getting a brand new look, new abilities and even a redesigned voice.

  • A new scan ability on low health enemies
  • His tactical will now be a large leap, giving Revenant some movement potential
  • The old Totem ultimate is gone, Revenant now has shadows that insulate him from some damage. It behaves sort of like a wearable Gibraltar arm shield.

This gives Revenant a new lease of life. Revenants popularity is low, and his old abilities felt more designed to grief people than win a game. Now, he should be much more enjoyable to play but also less annoying to come up against.

Additionally, all of the Revenant reborn changes still feed into his assassin vibe keeping his unique place within the game.

Photo: EA/Respawn
Photo: EA/Respawn

Passive: Assassins Instinct

Revenant Reborn sees some additions to his pre-existing passive. The faster crouch speed is staying, and his wall climbing is being improved even more. This will allow for some super sneaky Revenant plays in Season 18. He has more horizontal movement and sticks to walls after a fall better.

As part of this wider rework, Revenant Reborn adds a second aspect to his Assassins Instinct passive. In addition to his movement perks he will now get scans on players who are low on health.

Respawn say they want to encourage Revenant players to feel confident being aggressive. Additionally to the Revenant only scan if it is Revenant who got the enemy low the entire team will be able to see the scan.

Photo: EA/Respawn
Photo: EA/Respawn

Tactical: Shadow Pounce

Revenant's old 'Silence' has been completely removed. The projectile used to silence your abilities, deal damage to you and frankly was pretty obnoxiously loud and bright.

The Revenant of old felt cumbersome, especially with so many legends having some form of movement ability. Even legends like Vantage and Bloodhound have a way to manoeuvre around when needed.

Now Revenant Reborn gets his own movement ability. Combining this with his Wall Climbing gives Revenant players a lot of potential when moving around the map.

New movement ability comes with Revenant Reborn

Shadow Pounce is a powerful leap forward letting Revenant close the gap on his prey. Holding the tactical allows it to charge up. This will let Revenant leap even further.

While there are lots of clear offensive uses to this ability, being able to escape or reposition will also help Revenant be aggressive. If you make a push and things go south, you can now get away.

Photo: EA/Respawn
Photo: EA/Respawn

Ultimate: Forged Shadows

Revenant's old ultimate was one of the most hated abilities in all of Apex Legends. His old totem was a pure grief machine. Teams would deathball you in their shadow form, and that fight would get thirded.

Now, Respawn are making Revenant's Ultimate a personal ability, allowing you to be more aggressive on the legend. Revenant is no longer a grief machine with his death totem.

Forged Shadows grants Revenant a shield that replicates a permanent Gibraltar arm shield. Revenant wears a shadow cloak that has 75HP. The Shadows last for 25 seconds. However, this cooldown can be extended by knocking enemy players. Revenant Reborn will also get his tactical charge back when knocking an enemy in his Ultimate.

Photo: EA/Respawn
Photo: EA/Respawn

Revenant Reborn's ultimate only covers his top half

This shield applies to all forms of damage, including melee and grenades. It won't apply to things like Fire, Caustic Gas or Ring Damage.

Additionally, this shield only applies to the upper half of Revenant's body. It does make his hitbox slightly bigger there too as a result. In theory you could bypass his extra health by shooting his feet and legs.

For more on the latest Apex updates, keep an eye on our Season 18 patch notes article for all the upcoming changes.