When does the next Apex season release?

Apex Legends season 19 is not yet halfway done, but when does the next Apex season release? The Battlepass countdown tells is when we should expect the next iteration of the Battle Royale.

When is Apex Legends Season 20?

Apex Legends Season 20 will release on February 13th.

While we don't yet know much about Season 20, there are rumours that it will see the release of a new map. It was four seasons between Storm Point and Broken Moon releasing. By that timescale, Season 20 is when we will see a new map.

Stay tuned for more details!

Will the next Apex season have a new legend?

Respawn have indicated that we will not get a new legend every season. Back in Season 18, we saw a complete rework of Revenant instead of a whole new legend.

With Conduit arriving with Season 19, will Apex Legends Season 20 also bring a rework? It seems so!

Leakers have suggested that Lifeline is set to get an overhaul in Season 20. While this is unconfirmed, Lifeline has remained a fairly unpopular legend (outside of the Three Strikes LTM) for some time. Could we see some new life breathed into one of the original legends?

Photo EA
Photo EA

Will Season 20 have a new weapon?

We must surely be due a new weapon in the next Apex season right?

However, Respawn developers have shared concerns in the past about loot pool crowding amongst other issues. The CAR SMG released in Season 11, and we had to wait five seasons for the Nemesis that released in Season 16.

It does feel too long since we saw a new weapon arrive in the game, so perhaps the next Apex season will bring something new to the table.

Photo EA
Photo EA

Regardless of what happens with a new weapon coming or not, Respawn are likely to refresh the weapons that are in the Care Package and in the Replicator in Season 20.

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