The game has changed with Apex Legends Season 9. Here’s how we rank the legends as per their strength and utility in a unique solo queue tier.

Apex Legends Season 9 brought a bunch of fun gameplay to the new season: new guns, new legends, legend changes and map changes. We’ve had enough time to get a good feel for the season and its various changes. We’ve decided to put out a tier list of the legends in terms of how good the legend is for solo queuing. As a disclaimer these are just my opinions, so if you don’t agree with the list, let us know!

The Apex Legends solo-queue tier list.

S Tier – The Gibby Tier


Gibraltar is at the very top, in the S tier, because of how strong his kit and abilities are in the game. The combination of his gun shield, air strike and the protection dome makes Gibby a force to be reckoned with. While he may feel painfully slow – an illusion by the way – the gun shield gives you a massive advantage in any gun fight and the Dome provides free indestructible cover. On top of that, his air strike can wipe entire squads if they are poorly positioned. Gibraltar is a hot pick in Season 9.

A tier – The movement tier in Apex Legends


Everybody loves Pathfinder’s character, and with a good set of abilities that accompany his personality he is well-positioned near the top of our Apex Legends tier. The movement that Pathfinder allows not only for himself but with his team is great for skirmishing. Additionally, his hitbox and the removal of low profile make him a slightly harder target to hit, which can come in handy when a flurry of bullets are coming your way.


Wraith is a classic. There is a reason for the existence of the TTV wraiths memes mascaraing lobbies with an r99 and Wingman. Although she isn’t the monster she used to be, Wraith is still an amazing pick in Season 9. Similar to most movement legends, the ability to reposition yourself or your team is invaluable. What makes Wraith one of the best movement legends is that her repositioning tools are safe. While in a portal or in the void, you cannot get hit. Furthermore, knocked allies can crawl to safety through the Void.


Octane has just recently gained a lot of popularity in pubs. With a relatively low health cost to move 30% faster for 6 seconds on virtually no cooldown the Legend is kind of really good. On top of that his repositioning tool, the jump pad, is almost always off cooldown and is a great way for weaving in and out of fights. Something that is often overlooked is the Octane’s health regen passive. Regardless of the speed of the regen, passive healing is amazing when paired with an aggressive playstyle.


The newest addition to Apex’s new season is, not surprisingly, also a great pick for your pubs. Similar to other movement legends, her movement and repositioning abilities are stupidly good. Where Valkyrie differs from other movement legends is that she provides good damage with her tactical. This, on top of people still familiarizing themselves with her movement patterns (like when Horizon just got released), makes her a great pick.


Another classic pick, Bloodhound is great for pubs. His kit allows you to gather a lot of information in the surrounding area. Although he doesn’t get to fly around in fights, the 25% movement speed bonus and the “red vision” of his ultimate makes him a beast from close or long range. Pair this with the tracking abilities and you are a true hunter in your pubs.

Apex Legends B Tier – Utility Legends


For a time in season 8, there was a Revenant in almost every game. People would use his ultimate and rush you with a million grenades and a 10 second silence. And that is why he is still placed highly in this tier list. With the silence (hard to see through) and the free push with his ultimate, a good Revenant player is something to fear in pubs.

However, he isn’t placed higher because with amount of third partying in Apex, people typically expect team after team to come rushing in. Additionally, his totem can be tricky to place. Finding the right area that is not too far from the fight and not too close requires good game knowledge and experience.


With the buff to her smoke in season 9, Bangalore has shot up in popularity. She has slowly been getting buffs over the last couple of seasons. The most recent changes were to the ultimate. The detonation time was reduced and the smoke got thicker. These small changes worked wonders for Bangalore. The huge area of effect for her ultimate, the movement speed from the passive and the blinding smoke make her a strong character in the game. Unfortunately, the smoke grenade is a double-edged sword, as Bangalore herself has a hard time seeing through the smoke.


Lifeline has jumped around a lot in terms of viability since the early days of Apex. This season, the removal of the drone shield when reviving was a pretty big nerf to her kit. However, the ability to revive 2 teammates at once is still an important one. On top of that, her ultimate that now gives a guaranteed upgrade to your team that can be really useful if resources are low. Lifeline is great in teamplay but this tier list is for solo queue, and so team based legends are placed lower.

C Tier – The overlooked legends that can still pack a punch


Last season Horizon was a menace and a half, where she would fall around S or A tier. But, Respawn had other plans for her this season. The nerf to her gravity lift was crippling, and so she has fallen to the C tier. However, her kit is still good, with strong team fight potential with her ultimate and the movement ability. The best part of her kit is her ultimate being able to pull enemies to a single point through doors/cover. But, the nerfs to her gravity lift are not enough to lift her back into a higher tier.


Caustic is often overlooked, as he is typically defensively played like his counterpart Wattson. However, an offensive and aggressive Caustic is nothing to scoff at. Laying traps to cover your behind when pushing, using them as a temporary cover and a fairly large area ‘damage over time’ can turn a fight on its head. Unfortunately the gas damage isn’t what it used to be although it is still a good tool.


Similar to Caustic, Fuse is typically overlooked. The knuckle cluster grenade is a great pushing tool as it does a good bit of damage and is somewhat blinding. This is even furthered by the Season 9 buff, where it got 2 charges instead of 1. Then, the ability to double up on grenades and to throw them more accurately and further is also a nice benefit to playing Fuse. His ultimate is nothing to look over. In large areas it’s a good spacing tool to either buy time or enclose a space but it truly shines in close quarters where it more or less sets the whole room on fire for some massive damage.

D Tier – Loba Tier


Loba is unique to say the least. Her kit has decent mobility with the season 9 buff that allows her to move while the bracelet travels. But what makes her really unique her her looting capabilities. She can safely loot from a distance but what really makes her shine is that she can get a fast start in games Unfortunately however, better loot doesn’t typically equate to better wins. On top of that, her bracelet is quite easy to follow and doesn’t go that far compared to other legends.

E Tier – Team Play defensive Legends

Unfortunately, the remaining legends like Crypto, Wattson and Rampart fall short in this tier list. Don’t get me wrong, I love these legends. But the problem is that most of their kits are team based, and for this tier list we are focusing on solo queue-ability. Crypto has good value due to the scouting and third partying potential with his drone. Wattson and Rampart require too much time or use a defensive, slow playstyle to fully utilize their kits.

F Tier – Mirage sits alone in the F tier of Apex Legends

It pains me to place Mirage in this low of a tier, but I can’t lie. Mirage is conceptually great, creating illusions of himself and bamboozling people. However, its pretty easy to tell which is the real Mirage and which one is the fake. His ultimate is decent and has the potential to confuse people in close quarters, but because the decoys all die in one bullet, its still pretty easy to tell who is the real one.

In the end however, the truly best pick is whatever you are most conformable with. All the legends have their own unique pros and cons. A lot depends on your playstyle and how you collaborate with your teammates.

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