The FaZe superstar is disappointed about the game for now.

It's been over six months since Valve officially released CS2, forcing casuals and professionals to adapt to the new game. Even though the developers pushed many updates since September 2023, one of the best CS2 players in the world — FaZe Clan's Robin "ropz" Kool — feels there is still a lot to be done to improve the game.

Since CS2 came out, many professional players have expressed their distaste toward the new game but not all of them cared to relay proper feedback to Valve. Ropz, on the other hand, was pretty vocal when CS2 launched and reported bugs and malfunctions on more than one occasion, helping Valve to fix the game.

Ropz's biggest issues with CS2 at the moment

Although ropz recognized that Valve did improve CS2 since the game came out in September, the FaZe star claimed there are still "many things missing" — especially optimization.

"I think the game is not in a good place at the moment," ropz said in an interview with on April 22. "I think optimization is the biggest problem I face right now with tournaments. You go from tournament to tournament, and some might have a good PC, some might have an average PC, but playing CS2 on an average PC is not good enough, FPS-wise."

Ropz about CS2's poor optimization

Not only does CS2 run poorly depending on the specifications, but we've also seen random crashes in some of the biggest tournaments. It happened to Dzhami "Jame" Ali in a crucial round of versus G2 during the PGL Copenhagen Major in March and to Astralis' star Nicolai "device" Reedtz during the IEM Chengdu semifinals in April.

On top of that, ropz also feels that CS2 is lacking features that already existed in CS:GO like community support for custom servers and better tick rate.

"There's no community support for making great KZ and surf servers," ropz said. "I think if compared to the subtick thing that we have right now with 128 tick rate, the latter is clearly better. So it's just a disappointment for now."

It's unclear if Valve will ship any meaningful updates to CS2 anytime soon as the community never knows what the developers are prioritizing. But, now that it's been nearly a month since the Major concluded, there's arguably no better time to push some improvements and even change the map pool.

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