Counter-Strike 2 will bring sub-tick rates for better response times cover image

Counter-Strike 2 will bring sub-tick rates for better response times

Counter-Strike 2 has promised smoother and faster response time thanks to the introduction of sub-tick rates.

Counter-Strike 2 is officially happening after weeks of rumors, speculations, and teasers. As leakers promised, Counter-Strike 2 is coming with a lot of much-needed upgrades to the decade-old FPS, including tick rate.

CS:GO has been continuously popular all these years thanks to its mechanically challenging and exciting gunplay.

In previous version of Counter-Strike, the game only evaluated moving and shooting in "discrete" time intervals, also known as ticks. Time between those ticks "didn't exist." Those split seconds between clicking your mouse and the weapon firing sometimes made all the difference at higher levels of gameplay. When evenly matched players are going head to head, the fastest reaction time would guarantee a victory.

Counter-Strike 2 adds sub-tick updates

In Counter-Strike 2, tick rates "no longer matter." Now, players' movements and shooting will be "equally responsive" regardless of tick rate. That's thanks to a massive sub-tick update.

"Now the tick rate no longer matters for moving and shooting. So the server will know the exact moment you fired your shot, jumped your jump, or peaked or peak," developers explained.

The server will calculate your precise actions between ticks, making the action even more accurate and fast-paced.

"As a result, regardless of tick rate, your moving and shooting will be equally responsive and your grenades will always land the same way," developers wrote.

Counter-Strike 2 is the biggest news to hit the CS:GO community in over a decade. Not every new feature has been revealed just yet, but Valve has revealed responsive smokes, sub-tick rates, overhauled maps, and upgraded visuals thanks to Source 2.

The Limited Test for select CS:GO players begins today.