The Urban Assault collection event is here, and with it comes a new Octane prestige skin, the return of Three Strikes, and a new tournament mode.

The newest Apex Legend event has arrived. The Urban Assault collection event has been announced for April 23 and brings 25 new skins to the Outlands. The event features a brand-new set of skins and a new mythic prestige skin for Octane. Also included in the event is an all-new tournament system alongside the return of the Three Strikes game mode.

Apex Legends Urban Assault collection event

Although the past couple of collection events had a total of 36 items (the Final Fantasy and the Shadow Society event), the Urban Assault one brings the total number back down to the typical total. The Urban Assault collection event has a total of 25 skins, as per the standard that the Apex community is used to.

The Urban Assault collection event skins are some of the best the Apex community have seen in a while. With a modern, streetwear inspiration, the designers have gone above and beyond expectations. There are featured skins and matching weapons for Loba, Vantage, Rampart, and Valkyrie. Not to mention the Wraith skin that the Apex community lost their mind over when it was leaked.

We can't forget about the Octane prestige skin joining the likes of other legends like Bloodhound, Revenant, Wraith, Bangalore, and Caustic. This shark-themed skin called Apex Riptide comes with all the prestige skin needs such as it's very own dive trail with fishy friends following Octane and the Death Dive finisher that seems to be the most wombo-combo finisher so far in Apex.

New and returning game modes

The Apex Legends Urban Assault event also brings two game modes to the fray. The first and fan favorite is the return of the Three Strikes limited-time game mode (LTM). Returning with a vengeance, the LTM where squads have three lives has received some updates — but it's back in full swing nonetheless. The LTM's slight updates include:

  • Reduced revive time to 2 seconds
  • Players who are revived revive with 0 shields, but full health
  • Minimum guaranteed loot on respawn
Three Strikes LTM screenshot (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Three Strikes LTM screenshot (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Also debuting in the Apex Urban Assault collection event is the Apex Rumble Arena. Although we don't have all the details regarding the new beta game mode, we know it's a solo asynchronous tournament system in which players can earn points in their matches to gain ladder points. Points are awarded through placement, kills, assists, and damage.

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