We’ve collected all the interviews, previews and articles from our VCT Masters Reykjavik coverage in one place! It was a cracking event, thank you for joining us for it.

The VCT Masters Reykjavik ended with glory for North America's Sentinels. The team were heavy favorites heading into the first ever international VALORANT offline event, and went unbeaten to lift the trophy. Here is our VCT Masters Reykjavik overview of all the content we did surrounding the tournament.

VCT Masters Reykjavik overview of our website content and social media coverage
VCT Masters Reykjavik overview of our website content and social media coverage

Interviews - VCT Masters Reykjavik overview

Throughout the event we interviewed the likes of Sentinels, Fnatic, version1, Vikings, Team Liquid and X10 Esports. Here are all our interviews with a couple more still to be published:

★ (Read the interview) Version1 Effys:I think I’ve had a lot of impact in our previous run back in NA, and I intend to have the same impact here

★ (Read the interview) Version1 Zellsis:If you want to make a life for yourself, you have to be hungry enough

★ (Read the interview) Version1 Vanity: "I can get by with a weaker gun and I’ll always take one for the team if it means we become stronger and win"

★ (Read the interview) Sentinels Dapr: “Honestly, I don’t like the EU vs NA, tactical vs individual narrative.

★ (Read the interview) X10 Crws: "The style we play will be able to fight against any different team from any region"

★ (Read the interview) X10 sScary: "We need to adapt as fast as possible to the styles they play to be able to put up a fight."

★ (Read the interview) Team Liquid L1nk:They (Vikings) honestly banged us in scrims, not even going to lie."

(Read the interview) Team Liquid Kryptix: “Sometimes we have to rely on individual plays for sure"

(Read the interview) Team Liquid Scream: "I think we’re going to shut Derke down. We know how he plays."

★ (Read the interview) Vikings Frz: "I believe Brazilian VALORANT’s game style is very aggressive. It even helped us win our match against X10 Esports"

★ (Read the interview) Version1 Effys: Sentinels are going to do what we couldn’t do for NA, which is win the whole thing.

Match reports- VCT Masters Reykjavik overview

★ (Read the article) Fnatic Dominate Opener of VCT Masters Reykjavik Against Kru
★ (Read the article) Version1 survive Crazy Raccoon scare on Day 1 of VCT Masters Reykjavik
★ (Read the article) Team Liquid fall to Version1 in first NA-EU match of VCT Masters Reykjavik
★ (Read the article) Sentinels Sweep Fnatic at VCT Masters Reykjavik in close set of games
★ (Read the article) Sentinels Sweep Vikings and move into Upper Bracket Finals of VCT Masters Reykjavik
★ (Read the article) NUTURN stop NA’s VCT Masters Reykjavik hot streak with 2-1 win over Version1
★ (Read the article) D&D Duo powers Fnatic to 2-0 win against Version1 in Reykjavik
★ (Read the article) Sentinels dominate NUTURN to secure VCT Masters Grand finals slot for North America
★ (Read the article) Fnatic continues Reykjavik lower bracket run with 2-0 win over Team Liquid
★ (Read the article) Fnatic and Sentinels to face off in NA vs EU Reykjavik Grand Finals
★ (Read the article) Sentinels are your VCT Masters Reykjavík champions after a thrilling victory over Fnatic

Preview Content - VCT Masters Reykjavik overview

Preview content: Team comp and win rate analysis by map

Ahead of the event we also crunched the numbers and broke down the most common team comps for the best performing teams on Haven, Split and Bind. Given the time and commitment that went into these, it's only right we included them in our VCT Masters Reykjavik overview.

1. Bind meta and win rate analysis by Mostafeto
2. Haven meta and win rate analysis by Mostafeto
3. Split meta and win rate analysis by Mostafeto

Preview content: 8 players to watch

With the event yet to begin we handpicked a few players we expected to stand-out, and we weren't far off. Top of the list was ScreaM, far from a wild guess, but the likes of Version 1's Penny and Fnatic's Derke did step up as we predicted. In fact, Derke was voted the MVP of Day 1, 5 and 6.

Our 8 players to watch by Blaine Pohl

Preview content: The VALORANT Road map

The VCT Masters Reykjavik was not only fought for pride and prize money, surprising we know. It was also a battleground for VCT Points, which will determine which teams ultimately attend the VALORANT CHAMPIONS. We previewed which teams head into the offline event in a good position VCT Points wise, and explained how the whole point system works for those unaware of its existence.

The VALORANT Road Map by Blaine Pohl

Special thanks to all our readers who followed this coverage, we hope you'll keep a close eye on Esport.gg for the latest VALORANT esports news.