It is the second clash between Europe and North America today with two titans in Sentinels and Fnatic going head to head. Here is how the series panned about between two of the best teams in the world.

The third and final series of VCT Masters Reykjavik's second day hosted yet another NA vs EU matchup. Following Version1's upset over Team Liquid, Sentinels bring home another win for North America, sweeping Fnatic and sending them to the loser's bracket alongside Team Liquid.

<em>Sentinels are the number one seed for North America.</em>
Sentinels are the number one seed for North America.

Fnatic ban Split once again in Sentinels Match

Nothing is entirely different about the pick and ban phase in the maps once again for Fnatic with another Split ban. Knowing this, Sentinels chose to ban out Bind as Fnatic choose Icebox and Sentinels pick Haven. Should the game get to a game 3, the two teams will face off on Ascent.

<em>Fnatic ban Split once again as map choices stay consistent.</em>
Fnatic ban Split once again as map choices stay consistent.

Fnatic begin Icebox losing yet another Pistol round. However, the European side are able to immediately bounce back with a round of their own to reset the economy.

The opening match on Icebox is as close as it could be. The two teams battled back and forth, nearly trading rounds with no team gaining any leverage over the other. By the end of the first half, both teams stood at an even record of 6-6.

Mistic Nearly Clutches Second Half Pistol for Fnatic

The curse of the pistol rounds hit Fnatic once again. Mistic nearly clutched the second half pistol round after killing three Sentinel players. Unfortunately, the Fnatic player was unable to defuse the bomb in time, just missing out on a Fnatic pistol win.

Near defusal from Mistic lead to a strong Sentinels second half.

This pistol round helped the Sentinels grasp onto momentum into the second half to take a 9-6 lead, forcing a tactical timeout from Fnatic. Unfortunately, the tactical timeout from Fnatic was not enough to stop the momentum from the Sentinels, who steamrolled the second half. Or at least, that is what was supposed to happen in the second half.

Fnatic were able to bounce back to bring the score to 11-7 before going on a streak of their own to once again tie Icebox at 11-11. With the game tied, Fnatic nearly took the 12th round after Magnum killed Sentinels final player ShahZam. Unfortunately, Fnatic were left with very little time to defuse the bomb leading to a 12th round for Sentinels. This lead to Sentinels closing out the map 13-11 in NA vs EU nailbiter.

Fnatic Swept 2-0 after Losing on Haven

Sentinels got off to a very strong start, taking the first half 8-4. However, Fnatic were able to simultaneously reverse their pistol round and defusal curse to pick up the second half pistol, bringing the score to 8-5. Fnatic are able to take this and make another comeback, bringing the score back to 11-10.

Unfortunately for the Europeans, a clutch hold from Sentinels Dapr helps the team grab an important 12th round on the phantom.

This ultimately, leads to the Sentinels closing out Haven 13-10 and grabbing the series 2-0 over Fnatic.

The North Americans will move forward in the upper bracket against Team Vikings while Fnatic will drop into the loser's bracket. Still, both teams are looking like strong contenders for the VCT Masters Reykjavik crown.

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