Version1 put up a respectable performance at Masters Reykjavik. Ultimately being defeated by Fnatic, we had a chance to interview Effys and reflect on the team’s performance in Iceland.

After being eliminated by Fnatic, Version1 will be returning back to North America with a respectable international performance. We had the opportunity to speak with Version1 Effys following the loss, who gave us his perspective on the series, the team's takeaways, and Sentinel's chances.

Thank you for meeting after such a difficult series. Reflecting back on the game, Version1 had previously coined a signature, aggressive style. You guys seemed to slow down on Icebox. What do you think happened?

Version1 Effys: It's hard to tell really. I think they had a good good defense comp since they had Sage, Viper, and Killjoy. It would be hard to run at them when they have so much utility. We had slow it down more and work the map. I don't think we would have had much of chance if we had just headbutted sides like we do sometimes against less defender sided comps.

Most rounds seemed to have been lost in post-plant situations. Do you think that was just the nature of Fnatic's team composition again?

Version1 Effys: Yeah, I think it was. We misplayed some of them, which we usually don't. They starting doing something good that most teams actually don't which was using the Sage wall for retake. It made our job a little more difficult, but I think we still misplayed some of them. These post plant gimmicks work out very well sometimes but it takes perfect execution to actually nail it all the time. Not exceedingly but it's actually pretty hard. It came down to some prep details and we didn't have time to prep since we had a stand-in.

Moving onto Ascent, Fnatic had the momentum early and rarely let go. Would you attribute this to the individual skill on Fnatic's roster?

Version1 Effys: Derke popped off, we can't lie about that. It's always scary when a player of his level starts out like that. Maybe we gave him too much respect or not enough, it's hard to tell. I think we were pretty down in Ascent. We tried to keep the vibes up but it's really hard after the last few games we lost in overtime where we leading but the other team came back. It gets to your morale at some point.

On defender side you guys had some good holds, with you particularly having some clutch moments. Do you think anything went right on this map?

Version1 Effys: I don't think a lot went right. I guess we won a pistol, which is really rare. Our retakes were okay I guess, but once again they were playing very differently, they were actually saving their utility and using it go back on the sight, which is different from what we're used to seeing. Some retakes were clean but I don't think much went right on Ascent to be honest.

Going back into domestic play, are there any takeaways from international competition?

Version1 Effys: I think we proved that our style is worth playing. I don't think we saw anything that made us say 'oh damn, we're not doing something right.' The fact that we played close games with almost no preparation and we beat Liquid was impressive. I think we might bring some stuff back, their slow plays were pretty good but we weren't really impressed with anything if I'm being honest. Sentinels are the best team here. I'm confident that with a full roster and time to prep we wouldn't be having this talk right now."

In terms of VCT points, Version1 are firmly in second place in NA. What do you think of your chances for making Masters 3 and eventually Champions?

Version1 Effys: I believe that our chances are pretty high. We're going to have a little break when we come back because we've been playing nonstop. I actually believe that this event will make us a stronger team. The core of the team has pretty good cohesion so I'm not scared for the next tournament. I firmly believe we'll be in Berlin.

You already said that Sentinels are the strongest team here. Are they your favorite to win Masters Reykjavik?

Version1 Effys: Absolutely, they might drop a map but there's no doubt in my mind that they're the best team here. Sentinels are going to do what we couldn't do for NA, which is win the whole thing.