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VALORANT Champions 2022 is finally here. From Friday, September 2nd, until Sunday, September 18th, the Top 16 Valorant teams from across the globe will meet each other in battle in Istanbul, Turkey. Over the course of the next two weeks we will see these rosters fighting it out amongst each other. All with the aim of being crowned the Champions of the 2022 VCT Season. And we will be here to bring you all of the thrills and spills as they happen in Istanbul. So be sure to keep an eye on this page so that you can stay up to date with everything going on at Valorant Champions 2022, in Istanbul.

Check out the group stage results here – the Playoffs results here.

Final Placements

PlacementTeamPrize money
4FunPlus Phoenix$80,000
Team Liquid
9-12Paper Rex
Zeta Division
Kru esports
100 Thieves

VCT Champs Grand Finals Live Score – OpTic vs LOUD

Map Veto:

  • LOUD ban Pearl
  • LOUD ban Fracture
  • LOUD pick Ascent
  • OpTic pick Bind
  • LOUD pick Breeze
  • OpTic pick Haven
  • Icebox remains
Team 1Team 2AscentBindBreezeHavenIceboxScoreStream
LOUDOpTic15-136-1316-1413-5 3-1Stream
VCT Champs Istanbul 2022 Playoffs

OpTic vs DRX: VCT Champs: Lower Bracket Final

OpTic vs DRX : Lower Bracket Finals (BO5) – Loser eliminated, winner faces LOUD

Map Veto:

  • OPTC veto Icebox
  • DRX veto Pearl
  • OPTC pick Bind
  • DRX pick Breeze
  • OPTC pick Fracture
  • DRX pick Ascent
  • Haven (Remaining map)
Team 1Team 2BindBreezeFractureAscentHavenMap ScoreStream
OpTicDRX13-8 13- 58-136-1313-103-2Stream
VCT Champs Istanbul 2022 Playoffs

VCT Champs Playoffs Live Results

StageTeam 1Team 2Map 1Map 2Map 3ScoreArticle
UB QuarterfinalsDRXFPX19-1713-52-0Link
UB QuarterfinalsLeviatanLOUD12-146-130-2Link
UB QuarterfinalsOpTicTeam Liquid7-1313-813-82-1Link
UB QuarterfinalsXSETFnatic13-813-112-0Link
LB Round 1FPXLeviatan13-613-112-0Link
LB Round 1Liquid Fnatic6-137-130-2Link
UB SemifinalsDRXLOUD11-136-130-2Link
UB SemifinalsOpTic XSET13-911-1313-82-1Link
LB QuarterfinalsXSETFPX13-1110-1314-161-2Link
LB QuarterfinalsDRX Fnatic7-1314-1213-92-1Link
LB SemifinalsFPXDRX11-139-130-2 Link
UB FinalOpTicLOUD10-133-131-60-2Link
VCT Champs Istanbul 2022 Playoffs

All Qualified teams competing at Champions 2022

Below you will find a table featuring all 16 teams that will be competing in Istanbul at Champions 2022. Unlike in the Masters tournaments earlier in the season, Champions 2022 will see all 16 teams taking part in the group stage. The teams have been divided into four groups of four, and only the Top two from each groups will advance to the playoff stage of the tournament.

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Paper Rex (APAC)OpTic Gaming (NA)FunPlus Phoenix (EMEA)DRX (KR)
EDward Gaming (CN)Boom Esports (APAC)Kru Esports (LATAM)Furia Esports (BR)
Leviatán (LATAM)Zeta Division (JP)XSET (NA)Fnatic (EMEA)
Team Liquid (EMEA)Loud (BR)Xerxia Esports (APAC)100Thieves (NA)
All 16 Teams competing in Valorant Champions 2022 Istanbul

If you are new to the Valorant Championship Tour, or simply need a refresher on the formatting of this tournament, click on the video below. And if you are looking to learn a bit about all of the teams competing at Champions 2022, then make sure to head on over to our corresponding article here.

Valorant Champions 2022 Full Schedule

Here is the entire schedule for Champions 2022 Istanbul. Below you will find the dates and times of all the matches taking place during the tournament as well as a rundown of both the Group Stage and Knockout Stage.

The first half of the Champions 2022 Schedule (Image taken from Valorant Esports)

The tournament will commence with the Group Stages on August 31 with the Paper Rex vs EDward Gaming match at 10am EST. From there the Group Stage will proceed all the way until their conclusion on September 8; with a brief day off for the teams on September 6.

We then transition into the Champions 2022 Playoffs stage on September 9. The Playoffs will run till September 13 where only the Top 4 teams will be left standing at the tournament. After a brief pause in proceedings from September 14 – 15, the playoffs will continue with the Upper Bracket Final and Lower Bracket Semifinal on September 16. From there we head to the Lower Bracket final on September 17 and then finish everything off in Istanbul with the Grand Final matchup on September 18.

VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul: Group Stage Results

Below you will find a fully updated list of all the fixtures and results for the Champions 2022 Group Stage.

Group A

Team 1Team 2ScoreMap ScoreArticle
Paper RexEDward Gaming2 – 1(13-11)-(5-13)-(13-8)Link
LeviatánTeam Liquid2 – 0(13-10)-(13-10)Link
Paper RexLeviatán0-2(8-13)-(11-13)Link
EDward GamingTeam Liquid0 – 2(5-13)-(12-14)Link
Paper RexTeam Liquid1 – 2(13-15)-(13-4)-(8-13)Link
Valorant Champions 2022 Group A

Group B

Team 1Team 2ScoreMap ScoreArticle
OpTic GamingBoom Esports2-1(16-18)-(13-5)-(13-3)Link
Zeta DivisionLoud0-2(8-13)-(9-13)Link
OpTic GamingLOUD2 – 1(7-13)-(13-10)-(13-3)Link
Zeta DivisionBoom Esports2 – 1(13-11)-(11-13)-(2-13)Link
LOUDZeta Division2 – 0(13-11)-(13-5)Link
Valorant Champions 2022 Group B
  • FPX vs XSET has been postponed to Sept 5 due to players feeling unwell on FPX.

Group C

Team 1Team 2ScoreMap ScoreArticle
FunPlus PhoenixKru Esports2 – 0(14-12)-(13-10)Link
XSETXerxia Esports2 – 0(13-11)-(13-10)Link
FunPlus PhoenixXSET1 – 2(7-13)-(13-4)-(5-13)Link
Kru EsportsXerxia Esports2 – 1(7-13)-(13-4)-(5-13)Link
Kru EsportsFPX0-2(13-4)-(7-13)-(13-6)Link
Valorant Champions 2022 Group C

Group D

Team 1Team 2ScoreMap ScoreArticle
DRXFuria Esports2 – 0(16-14)-(13-4)Link
Fnatic100Thieves1 – 2(10-13)-(13-7)-(7-13)Link
DRX100Thieves2 – 0(18-16)-(13-9)Link
Furia EsportsFnatic1 – 2(13-9)-(7-13)-(11-13)Link
Fnatic100Thieves 0 – 2(5-13)-(7-13)Link
Valorant Champions 2022 Group D

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