Here are all the hints that point towards a Valorant agent from India.

Valorant players are eagerly waiting for more information on the new Valorant agent. By all indications, the agent is from India and will have water-based abilities. Here’s all we know about Valorant Agent 21 so far.

Valorant Agent 21 is from India

In the State of the Agents blogpost, Valorant game designer John “RiotMEMEMEMEME” Goscicki is quite generous with hints about the new agent. The blogpost also ends with a Hindi phrase that further cements the nationality of the agent.

Firstly, the book clearly shows a map of India pointing from Mumbai to Kolkata, two of the most popular coastal cities in the country.

The iconic Gateway of India with the Taj Hotel in the background. Image Credit: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">YoMetro</a>.
The iconic Gateway of India with the Taj Hotel in the background. Image Credit: YoMetro.

On the same page, in what is presumably a diary, it says Day 48, Mumbai. It’s followed by an image of the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. The hotel is right across the Gateway of India Heritage site.

The image also shows the Gateway of India with a view from the water. We can clearly see the various jetties and boats that float around the iconic heritage site. We can clearly see people hanging out at the tourist attraction, watching the sunset with their loved ones.

Moving on from the book, the food items are dead giveaways about the agent’s cuisine choices. On the table is a cutting chai, a small quantity of tea, usually served in a glass as shown in the picture.

Next to it is a plate of Samosa Chaat, a snack made of chickpea curry and a type of savory pastry. The default image name is also samosa chaat, adding to the food item’s credentials.

These two food items are local to Mumbai and are extremely popular in the financial capital of India. 

The Natraj Pencil clearly hints at an Indian Valorant agent.
The Natraj Pencil clearly hints at an Indian Valorant agent.

The pencil on top of the notebook has a color scheme that matches with the Natraj Pencil. Natraj is a very popular Stationary products company in India.

New Indian Valorant Agent has a Water Connection

Besides the obvious location of both cities; Mumbai and Kolkata being coastal cities, the image also shows the agent on the water off the coast of Mumbai.

The blogpost uses phrases like ‘ let me swim in at the end here’ that point to a water-based agent.

“We’ve let this soak long enough, and Agent 21 is almost ready to go out. I don’t want to flood you with too much information in this blurb here, so I’ll hold off on saying much more,” says RiotMEMEMEMEME at the very end.

The State of the Agents blogpost ends with a phrase in Hindi - “Jald hi milte hain.” It translates to 'See you soon' in English.

With the VCT Champs currently ongoing, Valorant fans can expect some news about the new agent after the tournament.