DRX spoke to the media after a dissapointing 2-0 defeat to Brazilian side LOUD.

In a recurring theme for DRX, the Korean side has once again lost in the Upper Semifinals. This time it was to Masters Reyjavik finalists LOUD. The loss to the Brazilians meant DRX has lost in the Upper Semifinals in all three international events this year.

DRX will now face an uphill battle to keep their VCT Champions hopes alive as they face Fnatic later today. Following the 2-0 defeat, DRX spoke to the media in a post-series scrum.

LOUD defeat marks another Upper Semifinals defeat for DRX

LOUD reacts onstage after victory against DRX at the VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul Playoffs Stage on September 12, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

DRX has made a habit out of losing in the Upper Semifinals, with this defeat being their third consecutive this year. Although they have faced OpTic Gaming twice, this was the series for DRX to cement themselves as one of the best teams in the world.

DRX has finished tied fifth-sixth at both Reykjavik and Copenhagen, just out of reach of the top four. DRX will now take the long path to the finals through the lower bracket where they will face EMEA side Fnatic who is coming off the back of an impressive 2-0 victory over Team Liquid.

When asked if the Upper Semifinals is a mental block for their side, DRX Stax does not believe this to be the case.

So I wouldn’t say there’s a mental block. I would also add to that by saying that our mental is still strong following today’s defeat. Actually, personally, it felt like I wasn’t playing the matches because it went by so quickly. As long as I am the in game leader, I’m gonna make sure that we don’t finish fifth or sixth.

DRX coach termi: “They had prepared a tactic specifically on Breeze and we just couldn’t deal with it”

In game one, all signs were pointing towards a resounding DRX victory. The Korean side had a 9-3 lead, going into the second half. DRX were relentless in their famous aggressive style. And even though the 9-3 curse is real, it looked unlikely that LOUD was going to come back into this one.

LOUD, however, put on a clinic. Less had an incredible offensive half on the Cypher. Boasting the highest ACS on his squad at 348, along with 17 kills to his name which is the most of any player in the second half. When asked about the game on Breeze, DRX coach termi felt his side matched the aggressiveness of LOUD, but could not handle their tactics on Breeze.

Like you said LOUD is a pretty aggressive team, but I don’t think we’re any less aggressive. So we weren’t, you know, mentally worried about playing them. I think although we lost today, we don’t think it was because of their aggressiveness per se, but because they had prepared a tactic specifically on breeze. And we just couldn’t deal with it.

DRX drops the ball on Haven

One of the biggest surprises from yesterday’s Upper Semifinals was the beating DRX received on their best map, Haven. DRX are monstrous on Haven with an 87% win rate across 68 games, their most played map by quite some distance.

So to see DRX be dismantled 13-6 was a shock to many. LOUD played a good defensive half to set the tone of the map, taking an 8-4 lead going into the second half. LOUD put on a disciplined performance on the offensive side to make sure there was no chance of DRX warming up on their map pick.

DRX BuZz commented that felt his side was a ‘little unlucky’ on the defensive half, with LOUD ending up on the other side of the map when DRX would choose to stack one site.

I think there were multiple factors. Firstly, we struggled a little bit during attack on Haven, we’re usually pretty good. Also on defence, we were a little bit unlucky because, you know, a couple of times we tried to stack on a specific site or push out but LOUD was on the opposite side of the map. So I think just a little unlucky on that front. And like our coach said earlier, Some of us aren’t feeling 100% right now. So I think all those factors played into our loss on Haven.

DRX takes on Fnatic later today in the lower bracket. Followed by XSET taking on FPX.

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