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Who is Mel in Arcane?


Mel, the enigmatic councillor of Arcane, attracted viewers with her mystique and compelling design. As the second set of Arcane episodes was released, we got to know the Piltover politician a little better.

Arcane, Netflix, and Riot Games collaboration has introduced many new characters to the lore of League of Legends, and few are as interesting as Mel Medarda. A council member for the seat of Medarda in the city of Piltover, Mel uses her political wiles and cunning to get exactly what she wants.
But just who is Mel Medarda? And what relevance will she have to the future of League of Legends?

Mel Medarda in Arcane

A scheming politician and an ambitious leader, Mel Medarda.
A scheming politician and an ambitious leader, Mel Medarda.
In episodes one to three, we first see glimpses of the elusive councilor Mel Medarda. She is first seen encouraging and then aiding Jayce to carry out his research in Hextech.
However, episode four reveals much more about the character. Her mother was a counselor as well, and she comes from a long line of artists and politicians. Mel has designs on Jayce and his power, and her motives are not entirely pure.
The politician wants to see the city of Piltover progress, and boost her power, a goal fitting of the Medarda legacy. While Jayce sees her as a way to get his Hextech technology off the ground, her ambition causes him some issues. Far from a benign councilor, Mel is a scheming and ambitious character, who is both cunning and opportunistic.
After Jinx’s attack on Piltover, Mel campaigns for Jayce to be made a member of the council. This gives her an ally and another voice more receptive to her ambitions. Even Heimerdinger is forced to agree, with Mel having manipulated the situation to her advantage.
Mel allies with the merchants of the Piltover and convinces Jayce to help her in securing funding for more research. Ultimately, Mel and Jayce share a night of passion together, with Jayce fully swayed to Medarda’s cause.
Comforting Jayce as he discovers Viktor’s terminal illness, it’s ultimately her decision to elevate her lover to the council that leads to Heimerdinger being forced out of his governing position. Perhaps this was the ultimate goal of Mel’s scheming.
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Is Mel Medarda a Champion in League of Legends

Currently, Mel Medarda isn’t a playable Champion in League of Legends. However, the character’s skill set could lead to a very interesting design later down the line. Mel is an artist, a politician, a cunning schemer, and high ranking member in the city of Piltover. There’s no doubt that Mel would have options when it comes to combat on Summoner’s Rift.
However, Mel is sadly not high on people’s list of characters they expect to see in League any time soon. Instead, the likes of the villainous Silco and other more nefarious members of the cast are most likely set to appear in-game.
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