The conflict between Powder and Vi is shaping up to be a major storyline in Riot Games’ new animated show Arcane. But who exactly is the scarlet-haired older sister?

The League of Legends animated show Arcane has launched to widespread community acclaim. Critical to the show are its two main characters, sisters Violet and Powder. The ending of the show’s first act leaves their future very up in the air. While we’ve done a rundown on Powder, who is the older sister, and what might we see Vi become?

Vi in Arcane

VI in Arcane
In the opening episode Vi shows her tenacity and resilience (Image from Netfflix)

In what we’ve seen of Arcane so far, Vi is a confident, brash teenager, and leader of a group of young Zaunite criminals. She, along with her sister Powder, Milo, and Claggor, were taken in by Vander, and grew up with him as a father figure.

In the show’s first episode, the group breaks into Jayce’s lab and steals the hextech he’s been experimenting with. This turns explosive, triggering a city-wide manhunt for the group. Meanwhile, Silco is conspiring to help the underworld rise up against the topsiders. He kidnaps Vander, causing Vi and the group to go after him. However, Vi leaves a distraught Powder behind, telling her that she isn’t ready.

After a long, tough fight, they’ve nearly broken Vander out when Powder, who had secretly followed them, triggers the hextech stolen from Jayce, killing Milo, Claggor, and seemingly Vander. Vi finds her sister, and heads around the corner to try to calm her anger. She never gets the chance to go back, though, as she’s kidnapped by an enforcer – a police officer from Piltover. Powder, thinking Vi abandoned her, falls into Silco’s arms.

Vi Arcane
In the launch trailer and taster for the next Act we can expect a much older Vi (Image courtesy of Riot Games)

Arcane is the first mention League of Legends fans have ever had of Vi’s real name – Violet. It also confirms that she has plenty of fighting skill without her gauntlets – something Arcane viewers can expect to see as the show progresses.

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Vi in League of Legends and lore

Vi was released as a playable champion in League of Legends all the way back in 2012. Her basic abilities have also stayed mostly the same since that time. She plays as a jungler, and has a lot of gap-closing tools and dashes to help make plays across the map.

Vi in League of Legends
Art for Vi in-game. Image via Riot Games.

In the lore behind Runeterra and League of Legends, Vi is an enforcer in Piltover. She is an adult, much older than what’s been shown in Arcane so far, and wears large hextech gauntlets on both hands to give herself tremendous punching power.

Vi Arcane hextech fists
In the launch trailer for Arcane we see Vi wielding the Hextech fists she is known for in League of Legends (Image courtesy of Riot Games)

With the ending of Arcane’s first act – her being kidnapped by the enforcer, while Jayce and Viktor make huge advancements in hextech – it seems clear that this is the direction they’ll take her in the show as well.

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