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Who is Jayce in Arcane?

Who exactly is Jayce and why is he so important in Arcane?

Jayce, the golden boy of Piltover is one of the central protagonists of Arcane. Fans of League of Legends already know him as the Mercury Hammer wielding Man of Progress, but the show has expanded his story more than ever before.

Arcane, the League of Legends Netflix series features multiple protagonists, but perhaps none more central than Jayce. Dubbed by some the “Hextech Himbo,” in the series Jayce is a diligent inventor, one of the smartest men in Piltover… but also can’t see exactly what’s going on in front of him.

But how does Jayce differ in the Arcane series, from the hero of Hextech we know from League of Legends. When does he finally get his Mercury Hammer? And when does he become the protector of Piltover?

Jayce in Arcane

Jayce Talis is one of the earliest characters introduced to us in Arcane, whose lab is ransacked by Vi and Jinx’s gang in the opening episode. We’re told that Jayce was raised by Caitlyn’s family, who now act as his patrons.

Meeting Viktor after his Lab is robbed, Jayce is encouraged to research deeper into the world of Hextech. This goes against the wishes of Heimerdinger and the rest of the council… apart from Mel Meldarda

The cunning councilor Mel helps Viktor and Jayce continue their forbidden Hextech research until they come up with an incredible breakthrough. This breakthrough catapults Piltover into a period of huge prosperity. All thanks to the Hextech Gates, constructed by Jayce. With them, travel over vast distances is possible, and Piltover becomes a centre of trade.

Jayce is honored for his achievements at Progress Day. and is chosen to give an address to the people of Piltover. He and Viktor defy Heimerdinger’s wishes and debut new Hextech Gemstones, which concentrate and focus Hextech into even more powerful forms. Here we also start to see the deeper relationship between Jayce and Viktor.

However, an attack on Piltover by Jinx is blamed on the Undercity of Zaun. And Jayce’s new technology is set to be used as weapons to control the Undercity. Jayce is elevated to the council, under the newly created seat of House Talis. 

But all is not as it seems. Jayce was put on the council thanks to Mel's scheming. Viktor continues his research while Jayce begins a romantic relationship with Mel, eventually becoming her lover. However, after Viktor falls ill with a terminal illness, Jayce rushes to be by his close friend’s side.

As of now, Jayce is seemingly out of his depth. Viktor is driven out of the Piltover academy. And Mel has Jayce wrapped around his little finger. Ultimately, Jayce is hyper-intelligent but painfully naïve. Unable to see the pain he causes Viktor, oblivious of his childhood friend Caitlyn, and unaware of Mel’s advances until they’re right in his face. Hextech himbo indeed...

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Jayce in League of Legends

Released in July of 2012, Jayce was only one of a few transforming champions in the game at the time of his debut. Using his Mercury Hammer in both a ranged and melee form, Jayce’s playstyle can change depending on how he wanted to lane.

His unique kit remains unchanged from its original form. Although the numbers have been tweaked a lot. Jayce whittles down his opponent’s health from afar and then transforms into melee form and beats them into submission. At high levels, a single Shock Blast from his Mercury Hammer Canon form is enough to snipe an unwitting enemy champion. Particularly if it passes through his Acceleration Gate.

Jayces original feeling and introduction was that of a Superman-style hero for the city of Piltover. But over the years his character evolved into something more interesting. What Arcane has managed to do is combine both the dumb simple heroic feeling of the original Jayce, with the deeper lore of more recent representations. A fittingly interesting character to often play center stage in Arcane.

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