Caitlyn, Piltover’s precision police officer, and sheriff of the city, is one of the most popular and recognizable characters in League of Legends. But the Caitlyn we see in Arcane is a little different in personality and background.

Arcane, Netflix’s League of Legends animated series has expanded heavily on the lore of many familiar Champions, with Caitlyn being one character that’s seen a lot of attention. We’ve always known that the well-spoken sniper of Piltover had some interesting background. But for fans new and old, the series has expanded on Caitlyn’s relationships and past in a significant way.

But is the Caitlyn in Arcane any different from her in-game persona, and if so, how? Read on to find out more about Caitlyn in Arcane.

Caitlyn in the Arcane Series

At the start of the Arcane series, Caitlyn, the daughter of a wealthy house in Piltover, is stifled by the life of a noble. Her family, the Kiramman’s took in Jayce as a child, and even acted as patrons to the young inventor. 

With Jayce’s rise to fame at the close of episode three, the Kiramman family also rises in prominence. But their wayward daughter, Caitlyn, refuses to follow the noble path. Instead, she becomes a Piltover Enforcer. Inspired by a youthful encounter with Enforcer Grayson, who complimented her on her excellent marksmanship.

As Piltover celebrates Progress Day, a celebration of technology and advancement, Caitlyn is on guard duty. She quickly responds to a fire she sees in the distance, which unwittingly leads to a dozen Enforcers losing their lives. Searching for answers, she encounters Vi in prison while searching for the mysterious Silco.

She organizes Vi’s release in return for her cooperation in hunting down Jinx and Silco. While hunting criminals in the undercity of Zaun, Vi and Caitlyn develop a close bond. In fact, their interactions are positively flirtatious, making those who’ve long “shipped” the pair giddy with joy.

The search for Silco leads to a dramatic confrontation between Jinx and Vi. Incapacitated in the ensuing brawl, Caitlyn is seemingly abducted.

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Caitlyn in League of Legends

Caitlyn released in January 2011. She's and has now been part of the game for over a decade. Her kit consists of ranged attacks, and she has the longest base range in the game. Using her trademark sniper rifle, she utilizes a series of additional gadgets to augment her combat.

With a pair of ranged skillshots, the Piltover Peacemaker, and the 90 Caliber Net, and the morbidly named Yordle Snap Trap, Caitlyn is able to take down many foes on the Rift. One of the most iconic Marksmen champions in the game, Caitlyn’s ultimate, Ace in the Hole, is the perfect finishing move—A huge channeled sniper shot that deals massive damage.

We haven't all of her in-game style in Arcane so far. No bear-traps with cupcakes in, no nets, and no oversized sniper rifle. But Arcane’s Caitlyn does use plenty of guns, and is a great shot, as she herself attests to. Hopefully, upcoming episodes of Arcane will more closely mimic the way Caitlyn acts in-game. But regardless, Piltover’s premier police officer is just as popular on the small screen as she is in League of Legends.

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