An eccentric furry scientist, Heimerdinger will make you chuckle as he walks around with his cuddly Poro pet.

A scientist with a seat on the council, Heimerdinger is the ‘father of Piltover’ in Netflix's hit show, Arcane.

The Yoda-like Yordle scientist, Heimerdinger is only in his early 300s (307 to be exact). With a large brain for such a small body, Heimerdinger’s experience makes him an invaluable part of the Piltover Council.

A scientist ready to forge a new vector of experimentation. 

Heimerdinger describes his younger self in Act 1. 

With age comes caution and Heimerdinger was no exception. Learning from the past and always looking out for Piltover, the eccentric scientist is often on the side of caution. In Act 1, he cautions Jayce to not venture into researching magic and trying to create it with science. However, as an inquisitive young member of the academy, Jayce not only continues his research but ultimately, was successful as well.

Even though Heimerdinger is amazed by Jayce’s accomplishments, he still does not want the Hextech crystals to have any part in Piltover’s future. 

Unfortunately, it’s not up to him but the council that will determine the use of Hextech in the city’s future. Even though he had an opportunity to punish Jayce for defying his advice, Heimerdinger’s compassion is visible as he sees his younger self in Jayce’s quest for scientific Arcane magic.

Arcane Magic: Heimerdinger’s Experience vs The Curious Jayce

Act 2 skips several years ahead and now Hextech has powered Piltover into a Global Trading route. Working towards exploring new uses for the Hextech, Victor creates the Hexcore, a stabilized spherical version of the Hextech crystals. 

When Heimerdinger sees the effect it has on organic matter, rapid growth and then deterioration, the show goes into a flashback. The scientist remembers something from the distant past, a memory he does not want to revisit. 

He begs Jayce and Victor to shut it down but Jayce is too powerful, now a councilman. In the next council meeting, Jayce convinces the rest of the council to hand the ‘Father of Piltover’ a well-deserved retirement. It's time to look ahead, not the past.

We need a leadership focused on the future, not the past. 

Jayce, as he convinces the council to force Heimerdinger into retirement.

The battle between centuries-old wisdom and a 24-year-old’s curiosity has just begun in Act 2. 

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Who is Heimerdinger in League of Legends?

<em>A Specialist Class champion, Heimerdinger, is a playable character in League of Legends.&nbsp;</em>
A Specialist Class champion, Heimerdinger, is a playable character in League of Legends. 

Heimerdinger was one of the first champions to join the League of Legends universe in 2009 as an inventor. Using Hex Tech to power multiple abilities, the champion’s ultimate invents an upgrade, allowing his next spell to have increased effects. 

A lane-dominator, Heimerdinger's turrets give any melee champion a hard time due to the range advantage. The champion is a great flex between top and middle, although he was also briefly used as an ADC in professional play.

With Heimerdinger removed from the Council, he stands as the only obstacle between the misguided development of the Hexcore and a grim future for Piltover. The 307-year old Yordle will play a crucial role in Act 3 of Arcane.

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