The new Fortnite Chapter brings new gameplay mechanics, new features, cosmetics and more.

Epic Games turned Fortnite players’ virtual world upside down. Literally. The latest Fortnite season’s launch has brought several new features, cosmetics, challenges, weapons and POIs. Titled Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Flipped, this season promises to add a lot of excitement and new collaborations in the upcoming months.

“Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is a new beginning – a perfect starting point for new players and a perfect returning point for those who haven’t played in a while. Witness the wintry island thaw, discover new locations plus a few surprises, seize victory crowns, and complete new quests.”

Want to become Spiderman? The Foundation?

Web-shooters in Fortnite.
There’s a whole lot you can do with the web-shooters in Fortnite. Image Credit: Epic Games.

We all read about the Spiderman-Fortnite collaboration leaks. Spiderman’s integration in Fortnite runs a bit deeper than just a cosmetic. 

You can put on Spider-man’s web-shooters no matter what outfit you’re using. But you can also put them on as the iconic web-slinger himself. 

So while web-slingers are something you can use with any outfit, if you want the true spider-man experience you can also go for the Spiderman outfit. Epic Games has also revealed a few more cosmetics that will release in this season. 

  • Spider-man
  • The wanderer Ronin
  • The outlaw Harlow
  • The Foundation (later in the season)

New features in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

You can now slide your way in Fortnite. Players can evade damage, but at the same time can shoot and build.
Fortnite players can now slide to avoid damage. They can shoot and build while doing so. Image Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite players can now slide to gain movement speed and evade enemy fire. And what’s more.. They can still shoot and build while gliding. This requires precision and skill, something that high-level Fortnite players will definitely appreciate. 

The Spider-man’s web-shooters will be available in-game starting December 11. 

Players will also be able to crawl faster after being knocked out to reach their teammates. They can also pick up stuff in-game while being knocked out. This significantly changes the way the game is played and will require more collaboration between teammates, allowing for more dynamic gameplay.

Fortnite players also have an opportunity to earn a special version of this rifle if they confront The Foundation. This version has a slightly higher fire rate, which could mean the difference between victory or defeat. 

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Changes to Fortnite XP

Players get more sources of XP as it is no longer limited to battle royale.
XP progression is no longer limited to just Battle Royale. Image Credit: Epic Games

The Fortnite battle pass progression XP is no longer limited to just the Battle Royale. Players can earn XP from various game-modes including creators maps, games and experiences.

Reddit user /u/haveireddit has detailed a list of STW accolade XP values for battle royale in this post.

In addition to the Daily Quests that refresh each day (9 AM ET) and can be shared among party members, there are the Season and Milestone Quests that stick around the whole Season. New Season Quests are added weekly (Thursdays at 9 AM ET), and Milestone Quests have multiple stages. Get bonus XP for completing certain numbers of Daily, Season, and Milestone Quests. 

What do tents do in Fortnite?

What are tents? Do you camp in them? Well you can share it with your teammates to store weapons or heal safely inside. What's more if you build a new tent your items will automatically transfer to the new tent.
Players can pool together items in the tents. Image Credit: Epic Games.

Starting Chapter 3 Season 1, Fortnite players can now pitch a tent to coordinate efforts with their teammates. Players can use tents to heal their allies, to store supplies or duplicate weapons. 

If you set up a tent and have to leave quickly, you can pack up without worrying about your stashed items. Stashed items can still be accessed in the new tents. 

Popular Fortnite dataminer iFiremonkey has also revealed more information on how to use Tents.

  • Interacting with your tent allows you to hide inside as well as access a cross-match persistent item stash
  • One of the items in your Stash is invalid in this game mode and cannot be Collected. You can stash a new item to replace the invalid item.
  • Items Stashed in your tent can be Collected from your tents in future matches. Stashed items are not lost by tent destruction and other players do not have access to your items.

The Fornite Crown – Bragging rights or a target on your back?

Wear a crown! Wear a crown! That's what they said for winning battle royale right? Well, now you can wear a crown and with it get increased XP. But is it enough? Cause it paints a target on you.
Will you want to wear the crown? Image Credit: Epic Games.

Finally, if you place high in battle royale, you get the opportunity to wear a crown in the next match. The crown grants you bonus XP. You can also win an exclusive emote if you win while wearing the crown.

Players earn XP towards their Battle Pass progress in Save the World when they:

  • Earn Mission Badges (obtained through normal Save the World gameplay, like exploring, building, and combat).
  • Complete bonus mission objectives.

But winning while wearing the crown is not easy. Wearing the crown makes you a target as the crown will shine brightly in-game. It’s a challenge, but are you up for it?

There’s much more in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. 

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