Ludwig Mondays ft. Fortnite announced with a $100,000 partnership with Epic Games cover image

Ludwig Mondays ft. Fortnite announced with a $100,000 partnership with Epic Games

Popular streamer and youtube creator ‘Ludwig’ announces a $100,000 partnership with Epic Games for his ‘Fortnite Mondays’ tournaments.

Fortnite Fridays are back, except this time they are Mondays. The popular streamer Ludwig had started Fortnite Mondays just a few weeks ago. He has officially partnered with Epic Games to keep them going.

The creator was able to sign a $100,000 partnership with Epic, ensuring that his tournaments will be filled with large prize pools. Ludwig took to Twitter yesterday, April 11, announcing his new partnership.

Ludwig's Fortnite Mondays help bring new light to various creators

When it comes to being a creator, one of the hardest parts is getting yourself noticed. Ludwig, who has a substantial 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube, is trying to make that easier.

The popular creator posted alongside his partnership announcement, that his first tournament would be open to small creators only. This tournament will take place next Monday, April 18.

This opens up a whole new realm of creativity for smaller creators, allowing them to be featured on a much larger scale. Ludwig's Fortnite Mondays will operate within the new Zero Build mode. This will make the games great for those looking to expand their content.

Hopefully, Ludwig's Fortnite Mondays will lead to future collaborations

The future is bright with Fortnite, as the new Zero Build mode has created a whole new player base for the game. The return of popular creators like Ludwig, Myth, Tfue, and more has added quite a commotion to the content-creating world.

In recent weeks, Ludwig's Fortnite Mondays had accumulated upwards of 500,000 viewers during his event. Large creators such as DrLupo took part in the streamer's tournament.

With such a large audience at hand and multiple popular creators including themselves in these tournaments, it is only a matter of time until we see some new faces take the spotlight.

Ludwig not only is creating a whole new array of content for viewers to enjoy. He is also helping to create a larger platform in which smaller streamers can be noticed.

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