Fortnite has raised $144 million USD for humanitarian relief in Ukraine cover image

Fortnite has raised $144 million USD for humanitarian relief in Ukraine

The popular battle royale announced this Monday that they have officially raised $144 million for humanitarian relief for the war in Ukraine.

On March 20, 2022, Fortnite had announced that all proceeds bought within their game up until April 3 would go directly to humanitarian relief funds for the war in Ukraine. Within those few weeks, Fortnite has raised $144 million.

With the new season of Fortnite gaining an incredible amount of popularity, they saw a large influx in in-game sales. This helped the company raise an immense amount.

Which organizations did the money go to that Fortnite has raised $144 for

Fortnite set its focus towards five different organizations dedicated to helping refugees suffering from the war in Ukraine. All proceeds from the game go directly towards these five organizations. Fortnite also provided the information for each organization for people wishing to donate separately.

Here is a list of the organizations:

Players who made in-game purchases during this period can expect their money to go to one of these organizations if not multiple of them. Not a single dollar will be wasted as all funds will be given to these organizations.

How this affects not only the gaming industry but the world

This amazing feat not only sets the bar for other gaming companies, but it helps create unity within today's world. With strives toward peace, humanity has held out its hands to help Ukraine in many ways.

With the gaming industry setting the stepping stones, we can only hope to see more companies hop on board this train in hopes to help those who are suffering. Even when this war is over, this campaign will hopefully still be an example for others.

Helping the world does not stop with raising money for this particular campaign. Instead, we should all strive to continue this example in the future. Whether it is uniting together through gaming or another hobby, community is what changes the world.