Fortnite raises over $100 million USD for Ukraine in just 9 days cover image

Fortnite raises over $100 million USD for Ukraine in just 9 days

With the release of their new season earlier this month, Fortnite had announced that all proceeds up until April 3 would go directly to humanitarian relief for the war in Ukraine. As of today, they have officially raised $100 million.

The popular battle royale owned by Epic Games is setting a high precedent for other gaming companies and organizations. Fortnite raises $100 million USD for Ukraine, with still almost a week left of their campaign.

What you need to know about Fortnite raising $100 million USD

Fortnite ensured through its website that every bit of money being donated to help humanitarian relief in Ukraine is being sent over as fast as possible. Funds are sent within days of purchases happening.

Fortnite is a free-to-play game. Players can purchase in-game items which can be used when playing the battle royale.

All funds used for these in-game items are going towards Ukraine. This means battle pass purchases, cosmetic purchases, v-bucks purchases, and anything else bought within Fortnite's item shop.

Fortnite's donation campaign started on March 20, 2022, making it only nine days for them to raise $100 million USD. Other popular companies have also pledged to donate money toward humanitarian relief in Ukraine. These companies and their donations include:

Plenty of other companies have also donated money towards the cause. Find a list of them here.

How can you help?

Players alike have been wondering in what ways can they help. It is simple, purchase v-bucks and start buying things in the item shop.

Fortnite has also included information on their website for those wishing to donate their support-a-creator earnings to the cause.

Here are the organizations Fortnite is donating to:

With hope for a peaceful and bright future, comes the strive for change. As gaming companies and gamers alike help build this future, we can only think of how grateful we are to have people looking to help us see a better day.

As Fortnite continues to donate its proceeds to Ukraine, we hope to see more and more organizations jump on the train to help those affected by the war.