Some of the most exceptional and talented women compete for this large prize pool in the ‘Women of the eRena’ Fortnite Zero Build tournament.

The 'Women of the eRena' (WOTE) event, put on by eFuse, kicked off its first game this Sunday, April 10. With a lobby full of all-female teams, players had the chance to compete for a $75,000 USD prize pool. There were six games and 33 trios competing in this all-women Fortnite tournament.

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The arena was filled with multiple skilled players during the all women Fortnite tournament

While dropping off the battle bus, each team had to focus strongly on where they were going to land each game. With the new and popular 'Zero Build' game mode at play, each player had to learn to adjust some of their typical playstyles.

With six games on the line, some of the most popular women content creators got to showcase their Fortnite skills. We saw streamers like LoserFruit, Alixxa, Bewitching, and more took the spotlight in this awesome Women of the eRena event.

Each team, created of three female content creators, had to strategize on where they would drop and how they would play out each game. With such a large prize pool on the line, these girls had to make sure they were playing at their highest ability.

Holding first for the majority of the tournament, popular streamer Reddysh and her team put up a strong fight. In addition, Alixxa's team held a close second for the entirety of the tournament also, keeping Reddysh's team on their toes.

In the end, finishing the final game with a victory royale, Alixxa's team was able to come out victorious in first place, winning the entire tournament.

Here is the final top five:

  • 1st - Alixxa, Vanessuh, Nawtaw
  • 2nd - Meli, Reddysh, Girlybella
  • 3rd - Moxie, Melabu, Yolamartinez
  • 4th - Emmarie, Mxddy, Batchii
  • 5th - Chloe, Kayyplant, Chay

Female representation was not just shown on the battlefield during the all women Fortnite tournament

The strong representation in this tournament was not only shown by the players but the casters too. Popular female casters Kelly Link, Ms. Ash, and Rosemary Kelley lead the eFuse cast on their Twitch.

These ladies brought an exciting and fun energy to the tournament, allowing fans to sit back and enjoy this event. Their skilled commentating just showed us why more females should be represented within the esports world.

Hopefully, this leads to a brighter future for women's representation in esports

Having an event like the Women of eRena (WOTE) that provides proper representation for female gamers leaves us with the hope that more events like this keep happening. Female representation within the esports space is incredibly important and needs to be stronger.

With eFuse putting on such a glorified event, we hope to see more organizations follow suit within the esports industry.

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