Epic makes no building permanent with Fortnite Zero Build cover image

Epic makes no building permanent with Fortnite Zero Build

After the week long success of the implemented no building mode, Fortnite has decided to make the new style an official game mode.

It is no understatement when saying that Epic Games listens to its players. Throughout Fortnite's run, players have constantly expressed their strong opinions about changes within the game, and Epic has always changed things up in return. This week in Fortnite, no building became an extremely popular game mode, and Epic saw that.

Fortnite no building is here to stay!

The game mode was announced this morning, March 29. Fortnite is calling it "Fortnite: Zero Build", to go along with their popular storyline involving the 'Zero Point'. Players that do not want to put up with building mechanics can now drop into a game and play solely on aim.

A little over a week ago, Fortnite had officially implemented the no-build mode, and it was a huge success. Large creators such as Syperpk and Ninja spoke out on its success and what it meant to them.

"Fortnite with no building > Most fun I have had on Fortnite in YEARS," said Ninja on Twitter. Large creators speaking out about this are what drove the new game mode's success.

Even other popular creators that we have not seen on Fortnite in years even jumped back into the game. Streamers like Myth and Pokimane were seen playing the game multiple times throughout the next week, helping the Fortnite 'Twitch' page hold upwards of 500,000 viewers a day.

The excitement is real as streamers react to Fortnite: Zero Build

Multiple streamers took to their platforms this morning to express their excitement for the new mode being added to the game. Amongst these were creators like SyperPK, who expressed that "Fortnite making all the right moves right now".

Myth even tweeted out this morning saying "Fortnite is back".

All of this goes without saying, that Fortnite is going to see a large revival within its player base. Having multiple game modes to choose from, players can decide whether or not they want to build or not have to build in the popular battle royale.

The future is exciting for Fortnite, and these next few months will give us an insight into what the success Epic Games will have.

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