In a recent video on jiDion’s channel, we see the streamer and pokimane talking about the controversy that previously surrounded them.

The dispute between pokimane and jiDion was a prolonged one, worsened by following actions -resulting in a permanent Twitch ban for newly-partnered jiDion. The controversy even roped in another streamer that was initially of no concern to the issue.

However, with the latest video featuring the two of them, it seems that the feud has come to an end.

Pokimane and jiDion talks about their dispute

The two met up in the OfflineTV house, had a chick-fil-a mukbang and confirmed that they had settled their dispute. They mentioned how they talked for over an hour on a discord call to fully understand each other’s perspectives.

pokimane and jiDion in his latest video
pokimane and jiDion in his latest video

“I’m not gonna lie, I did think you were the reason that I got banned,” jiDion mentions to pokimane, explaining his side of the story. “I feel like there’s this lore about you like…When people talk about you, they get sniped,”

“If you remove my name with anyone else’s name, you still would’ve got banned,” pokimane explained, referring to the hate raid that started the controversy. jiDion agrees, stating that he was reckless and rude in the whole ordeal, apologising to her once again.

jiDion talked about how he wanted the feud to end, mostly because people were using him as a scapegoat to hate on pokimane. He said he learnt a lot from the situation and doesn't want to put more negativity on the internet.

Addressing what people found problematic

During the mukbang, he asked his followers to give them questions for them to answer. ‘How has poki’s opinion on you changed?’, one question reads. This prompts jiDion to address his alleged misogyny and sexism, asking pokimane if she thought he was a misogynist.

“I don’t think you are sexist or a misogynist. I think you exhibited certain behaviours or like, said certain things that you didn’t realise are kinda sexist,” she claims. 

She addressed the issues of her past when she said a racial slur after jiDion tells her that he ‘can give her the n-word pass’. “I did that shit when I was really young, but only because I was stupid and didn’t know any better.” 

By the end of the video, both of them are on very good terms and would even like to hang out more in the future.

How they wound up resolving their issues

The video wasn’t the first sign of their reconciliation. jiDion had tweeted out a picture of him and pokimane eating burgers on February 4th, asking his followers to give them questions.

The tweet blew people’s minds and we were left flabbergasted, considering their feud that became quite the hot topic on the internet.

On her announcement stream of her stay on Twitch, pokimane addresses the tweet and told the story of how they got in touch.

They eventually got into a discord call and talked for over an hour. Initially, pokimane was suspicious of his motives. She elaborated how it was not a rare occasion since she’s not a stranger to situations where people would start a feud with her publicly and then apologise privately, leaving her to deal with the damage done.

“When I explained that to him, he was probably the first person who was like, no, I totally get it and it’s not okay. And I’m gonna try to help you fix that.” She felt that he was genuine in his apology and in his actions to fix his mistakes.

Who would’ve thought that a tumultuous controversy such as this one could have a very wholesome end?

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