The manager and wife of Ninja, Jessica Blevins, is looking to step back from managing to focus on her own career.

Jessica Blevins, the manager and wife of professional streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, has revealed she is in the process of moving back from her managerial position. The news was first announced in an interview with Sportify It before being confirmed today in a tweet by Blevins.

In the interview, Jessica Blevins described her plans to move past Tyler’s career and focus on her own in the streaming space. “Right now, I’m really torn. We’re talking about when do we pull the plug and do this? I haven’t told anyone that. You heard it here first.”

Blevins, who has developed her own significant following, now plans to expand her career. Having signed with Hollywood talent agency CAA, getting a PR team, and generally expanding her reach, it’s clear she’s ready for the future. Presumable beyond variety streaming and into the entertainment space in general

Out of Ninja's shadow?

But her tenure as Ninja’s manager hasn’t been without turmoil. Ninja’s almost legendary capacity for controversial and sometimes inappropriate tweeting has put Jessica in the spotlight for the wrong reasons before.

Ninja’s notorious “League of Legends sandwich (not asked for)” tweet became a viral sensation. That brought attention to Jessica, the wife mentioned in the tweet, and not all of it positive. It was a tweet seemingly hand-crafted to be troubling to a manager and a wife at the same time, let alone Ninja’s manager/wife.

Beyond this, Blevins was pulled into the recent controversy around Pokimane and JiDion. After Ninja allegedly texted his Twitch representative to review JiDion’s ban, Pokimane criticized him on Twitter and stream. Jessica Blevins subsequently contacted Pokimane threatening legal action. In return, Pokimane released the text on Twitter.

It was another case of something Ninja had said creating difficulty for his manager and bringing her into the spotlight. Something Blevins will likely be glad to see the back of as she transitions into her new career.

For now, though, it’s business as usual. In her Tweet today (February 7th), Jessica Blevins confirmed that she was still Ninja’s manager for now. The move to full-time media personality sits on the horizon. 

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