From a 14-day suspension to a permaban, JiDion will no longer be on Twitch according to the streamer himself.

Twitch Streamer jiDion had recently received a suspension from Twitch. Initially a 14-day ban, he tweeted that he has now been permanently banned from the platform.

Now, who exactly is Jidion6, and why has he received a punishment so severe from Twitch?

A Pokimane stream gone wrong

JiDion is a YouTuber with 3 million subscribers who mainly does comedic vlogs on his channel, which involves pranking random people in public. He was just made partner on January 11th, going live the next day to celebrate when he noticed that Pokimane was also live -and with less viewers. 

JiDion's last stream on Twitch
JiDion's last stream on Twitch

Opening her stream, jiDion started telling his viewers to spam ‘L +ratio’ in her chat. This breaches several Twitch TOS. From that moment onwards, the situation started spiraling out of control.

Her efforts to filter out the onslaught of comments were futile when they started harassing her viewers instead via whisper. Made aware of the escalating situation, she decided to end the stream after 40 minutes of trying. She said, ‘ I’ll put up with the bullshit but I don’t want you guys to put up with the bullshit, okay?”

Over on JiDion’s stream, he reacted to pokimane’s chat, saying that, “If you’re from pokimane’s chat, and you have a penis, Imma tell you this right now -she is not going to f**k you, bro.” He proceeded to make vulgar comments about Pokimane and even went as far as to pinpoint exact comments from her chat to make fun of users live on stream. 

When he tweeted that he was banned for 14 days, it was not a surprise to most people.

The jiDion aftermath

JiDion admitted his mistake, later on, claiming that he will 'take this L' because he did breach TOS -with his then Pokimane profile picture. However, just when it seems that the conflict has reached its conclusion, JiDion informed his followers of a recent update to his ban status -that it was now a permanent ban.

According to the 21-year-old, he believes the changes done was because of complaints made by people who wanted a more severe punishment.

The tag twitchfreejidion was instantly trending and loads of fans showed support for the content creator, citing reasons from unfairness to injustice.

While many blamed Pokimane for the series of events, it is clear that she is not the one responsible for Twitch's decision-making. In fact, she seems to have predicted the oncoming reaction way before, stating that "I'm not gonna apologise, you did that shit to yourself, bro."

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